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  1. Thank you so much for all your help. I will try & send off for Henry Rimmer's will, would it be possible to send me the details, please. Again - many thanks for your time, it is much appreciated. Julie
  2. Hi Everyone! Have been researching family history for a while now, but have been unable to progress further with John Swift & his wife Ellen (my 3 x Gt Grand parents). John's father was Edward Swift (1791 - 1871) & his mother was Jane (Kay) (1786 - 1870). John's wife Ellen was the daughter of Henry Rimmer (1794 - 1866) & Elizabeth (Tickle) (1796 - 18180) & there are records which list John & Ellen's children as living with her parents, but have never been able to establish the reason. There are a few records which may suggest that Ellen died young & John remarried, but I haven't been able to establish whether it is the same John Swift. Any help on this would be very much appreciated. Many thanks Julie Robinson
  3. Thank you so much, this is really appreciated. J
  4. Hello Henry Swift is my 2 x Gt Grandfather. According to the burial record (17 Apr 1905 in St Helens), he was aged 62, which would make his year of birth 1843. However, the census returns of 1841, 1881 both give his date of birth as abt 1841. He married Margaret Atherton on 16 April 1860, & the marriage record gives his date of birth as 21, which would make his year of birth as 1839! There are a number of Henry Swifts & I am having difficulty in going back further with the family tree, as obviously I am unsure that I have the correct Henry Swift!! The only thing that I know for sure is that my 2 x Gt Grandfather married Margaret Atherton (1835 - 1897). I have heard that the year of birth isn't always correct on the census record, but I just want to make sure I have the correct Henry, to be able to trace his parents. Hope that someone can help! Best wishes Julie
  5. Thank you for your help so far, it is much appreciated. I am really hoping that the graves can be located in the cemetery & that there are gravestones to mark them.
  6. Hello I am currently trying to locate the graves of the following (my 2 x Gt Grandparents & 3x Gt Grandparents) who were buried at St Mary's, Prescot: Thomas Lyon (23 Dec 1838 - 13 May 1869) Jane Lyon (1835 - 1910) William Lyon (19 Feb 1808 - 29 Mar 1867) Sarah Lyon (12 June 1808 - June 1867) John Jones (1775? - 1777? - Apr 1842) Ellen Jones (7 Oct 1775 - Aug 1853) If anyone knows of any way to establish the whereabouts of their graves, it would be much appreciated. I believe that someone has started to compile a map (Ned?), it would mean so much to learn where these people are buried. Hope that someone can help! J
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