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    • Speaking of Sherdley park, I was driving along Sherdley road towards St Helens recently and noticed a young lady on the opposite carriageway with a flat tyre, I turned around at the roundabout, and went back, thinking she was unable to get the wheel off, it wouldn't have taken me 5 minutes. Anyway when I arrived, she was quite distressed and had two flat tyres, apparently, she'd been driving towards the Bull and Dog roundabout, when a group of youths had shot out of the park on Robins Lane, roared up the footpath, then pulled into the road in front of her! In an attempt to avoid hitting them she had swerved and hit the central kerb, totally destroying both offside tyres, she'd rang the police, who'd said they'd get someone out urgently, and advised her to ring a garage to remove the vehicle as it was in a dangerous location. This was an hour before I arrived on scene, and to my disgust the idiots who had caused the accident were still tearing up the park! The police "pretend" they are dealing with off-road bikes,in reality they are doing very little, recently a group of them were tearing up and down a road where my friend owns a children's nursery, after several near misses we rang the police, only to be told they were too busy. My friend replied that in that case, the next time they came past he was going to throw a stick into the wheels. "in that case" said a police officer, "we'll come straight round and lock you up". It's totally pathetic, these people are riding illegally, openly sticking two fingers up to the law, yet the law forbids you to do anything, as far as I'm concerned, they are illegal and if they get hurt then tough! If they hadn't been there then they wouldn't have been hurt, it's a little thing called action and consequence.
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    • Hi .I can quite easily remember that corner.It had been as you say quite a few premises.but never went in any  even though passed many times on my travels.Never seen any fotos(Robbob may not have been as active then!).There is a foto around though looking down years ago past the Cotham arms.Cant remember though how clear as it was black and white.
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