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    Westfield street. by Robbob2010, on Flickr
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    Pano : New build on Atlas St from Pocket Nook canal. by Robbob2010, on Flickr Hardshaw House on former Providence Hospital grounds. by Robbob2010, on Flickr
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    Presumed alive. They (the NHS, who inherited the list after the war) used to keep the list up to date as deaths occurred, but since it became redundant in terms of its original purposes, the services now in charge of the lists (FMP, Ancestry, MH) usually only un-redact people who would obviously be over 100 years of age. FMP used to un-redact people if proof could be provided - e.g. if somebody keen enough sent them a death certificate. They don't want to be sued for publishing information about living people. It is a bit hit and miss though, because I've seen quite a few living people on it.
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    Hi - Result! One of the group sets has an older-looking chap with facial characteristics astonishingly close to his son ( my grandfather ) and thankfully three independent folks have been prepared to say other facial features match well. On a lighter note, both subjects have ( B&W picture colour notwithstanding ) significant ' rosy cheeks ' which I've inherited. The Scroll of Honour picture I've used has little provenance which is understandable, but the coincidence of inherited facts from me to Gt GF William ( via his son, my grandad ) are heartwarming. Thanks for the pointers and let's see what else I can discover. If I knew how to attach a picture to this post to put this out to forum opinion, I would.
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    good to have you snapping photos again mate ! love to look at them !
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    Slowly starting back. Former Raven Lodge on Church St...St helens. by Robbob2010, on Flickr New Coffee shop on North Rd. by Robbob2010, on Flickr
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