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    Where was Canal Side, Newton-le-Willows?

    Mark Haselden
    By Mark Haselden,
    I'm trying to plot all my family associations with the Sankey Canal.  One of my relatives lived at Canal Side, Newton-le-Willows in 1861.  I can't find any such location in the 1848 map of the area.  Does anyone know where Canal Side might be, other than a generic location close to the Sankey?  I'm wondering if it was close to either Newton Common Lock or Bradlegh Lock?

    Another attack on North Road

    By Robbob2010,
    It came in lower before,so funny.     Apparently people with bald heads or caps on they scare off but now going for anyone 😁 I did some ducking down

    Cannington Shaw old Bottling plant

    By kizzy,
    Noticed the trees and shrubbery have been cleared from around the place today, you can view the place in it's entirety now though it's still fenced off. Anyone know what's happening?

    Parr St.Peter's Burial Plot

    Mark Haselden
    By Mark Haselden,
    I'm trying to find the burial plots of several relatives who were interred at Parr St.Peter's but I can find no point of contact online for this type of query.  Other churches in the area either provide a list of contacts (eg Rainford) or even a query tool via the Church website (eg Winwick). Anyone know who/how to contact the right person at St.Peter's to help with my quest?  

    Attacks on North Rd.

    By Robbob2010,
    Not humans,its Gulls. There is a chick on the chimney next door to Charlie Chans. Its funny,i havent got anyone but seen a woman with a Rottweiler cowering but i heard that a bloke was on his knees the other day 😂   FIrst video was other evening and the other two from yesterday evening..it is funny            

    Marks on St.Helens Central ststion surrounds

    non sibi sed omnibus
    By non sibi sed omnibus,
    Just been into Central station.Noticed theyve tldied up an old derelict area at entrance. I believe it's  poss extra car parking. What I had noticed were 3 markings on the inside of the old wall. The 3 markings are 3 parking spaces marked out on the wall.There is a GREEN RECTANGLE  on each.Over each is painted in white paint, roughly! NHS. These are old markings. I would have put on photographs but didn't have my camera.I think it would have caught out quite a few!

    Crank Gala Day - 6th July 2019

    By Big_Jeff_Leo,
    Taken at yesterdays Crank Gala held on the field behind the Nursery.

    Jack Thomas Cox born 24 May 1924

    By Aquaphibian,
    Jack played a few games for the Saints just after WW2. He was signed from Clock Face Colliery. Interested to know if Jack is still going strong.  Research for Saints Heritage Society. He would be one of our oldest past players. http://www.saints.org.uk/saints/player.php?num=15123

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