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    Stories on your family trees using AI

    By Dave,

    I haven't really added many stories to accompany the people in the family tree on Ancestry, but I noticed that one that I'd put on in 2020 had been linked to the same characters in the trees of others. I hadn't really taken much care when I wrote this particular entry, and it was a pretty bad stream-of-consciousness effort. A bit horrified to see that others had linked to the story; I just knew that it'd need to be rewritten . Then I had a brainwave - why not let AI do it for me! I copied the story to the clipboard, then summoning Google's BARD, I typed redraft "", and pasted the story between the quotes. I'll probably do a few more like that. 

    Then, just for fun, I redrafted the above:

    Ancestral Tales Reimagined with AI Assistance

    While I've been steadily adding profiles to my Ancestry family tree, I recently noticed that one particular story I'd uploaded in 2020 had been linked to the same characters in the trees of other users. Upon revisiting the story, I realized it was a rather haphazard stream-of-consciousness effort, and I was mortified to see it referenced by others. Determined to rectify the situation, I had a stroke of inspiration: why not enlist the help of artificial intelligence to rewrite the story?

    With that thought in mind, I copied the story to my clipboard and invoked Google's BARD, typing - redraft "", and pasting the story between the quotation marks. The result was an impressive transformation, with BARD enhancing the story's clarity, coherence, and overall narrative flow. Impressed by the outcome, I'm considering employing this approach for other stories in my family tree, ensuring that my ancestral tales are presented in a compelling and engaging manner.

    Here is one of the stories that I let it modify.


    Darts on ITV4

    Dr Display
    By Dr Display,

    I'm just watching St Helens own Dave Chisnall facing Lee Evans, no not the comedian. 

    added 22 minutes later

    Chizzy went on to win 6-2.

    Baptism Records at The Mount (Holy Trinity Church)

    By dvonshevon77,

    I wonder if any of you could please help I feel like I’m smashing my head on a brick wall.  I’m trying to find my grandfathers mum according to the 1939 register her birthdate is given as 12 Sept 1877 her given name is Ann Cosgrove living in Fleet Lane Parr.  In the 1881 census she is living in Parr with her father John and Ann who are both Irish but the all the children her brother herself and her sister were all born in St. Helen’s Lancs. She married James Lancaster in 1898 at Holy Trinity Church. I have all the census records, marriage record, death record but I just cannot find her birth record I have tried various spellings of Casgrove/Cosgrave or Ann with an ‘e’ and with even looked in neighbouring towns but I just have come up stumps.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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