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  1. Last year I started a thread about soldiers that fought at Waterloo,i thought people might be interested in another Prescot man, who never fought at Waterloo, but had an illustrious career anyway. Thomas Knowles Born Prescot 1772 Enlisted in Liverpool for the 4th Regiment of Foot. 19/7/1799, Occupation-Sailcloth Maker Saw action in the following campaigns and battles : Hallecourt Copenhagen Peninsular campaign Corruna-1809 Fuentes De Onoro-1811 Badajoz-1812 Salamanca-1812 Palencia-1812 Vittoria-1813 St Sebastian-1813 Bidossoa-1813 Nive-1813 War of 1812 Bladensburgh-1814 Baltimore-1814 New Orleans-1815 Fort Bowyer-1815 Discharged-Barbados, 11/9/1821
  2. William Andertons discharge papers. Chelsea Pensioners Service Record,1760-1913. WO 97/426/18. Born Sutton, St Helens,Lancashire 1791 Enlisted Plymouth ,Devon 1.4.1813, 23rd Regiment of Foot (Royal Welch Fusiliers). Occupation, Labourer Discharged Dublin, 10.6.1823, Pulmonary disease Served 10 years 3 months,plus 2years added service for presence at Waterloo. Waterloo Medal Roll Wm Anderton, private,23rd Regiment of Foot Captain Campbells Company.
  3. I also think you are right Stephen. William Hulls job seems to be kiln hand,i know his father was at one time employed at Doultons in Boundary rd.Ibelieve they produced, sanitary pipes for drains
  4. Yes Stephen I had seen that, i think there is a good chance that is him.
  5. Further name for the list Private Edward Porter,born Prescot 1787 Enlisted 04/05/1812 Grenadier Guards Discharged 10/03/1826 Fought at Waterloo
  6. Another name for the list Gunner James Winstanley, born Prescot 1789 Occupation Taylor Enlisted 01/07/1808 Royal Artillery Discharged 31/07/1827 Fought at Waterloo
  7. Further name to add to list. Private William Chew,born Prescot 1800 Occupation Labourer Enlisted 18/02/1814, 52nd Regiment of Foot Discharged 28/06/1841 Was 14 years of age when he enlisted and only 15 years of age when he fought at Waterloo.
  8. Thanks for the link Phyll,wonder if they found out what the medal was and who it was awarded to. Oddly enough, checking the 1851 census, there was a William Anderton born 1799 living at 135 Duke st which,sadly does not exactly match the William Anderton from the Waterloo list as he was born according to his discharge papers in 1791
  9. Never heard of that ,would be interesting to know what it was.
  10. New Waterloo Man to add to the list. Private Thomas Orrell, born Eccleston, 1787 Occupation Weaver Enlisted 25/03/1805 3rd Regiment of Foot Discharged 29/06/1825 Fought at Waterloo Baptised Thomas Unsworth Portico Chapel 1787 born out of wedlock,father later married his mother.
  11. Colour Sergeant Ralph Cartledge born Warrington 1776 Occupation Labourer Enlisted 104th Regiment of Foot 12/11/1794 Transferred 39th Regiment of Foot 25/11/1795 Discharged 24/06/1817 Awarded General Service Medal, with Clasps for Vittoria, Pyrennees,Nive,Toulouse Think this could be the man.
  12. More info on Samuel Twist Samuel Twist soldier of Windle married Mary Glover spinster of Windle at Prescot St Marys 12/08/1805 Witnessed by James Bridge and Margaret Twist
  13. St Helens men who fought at the battle of Waterloo, two hundred years ago tomorrow. Private William Anderton, born Sutton 1791 Occupation Labourer Enlisted 01/04/1813, 23rd Regiment of Foot Discharged 11/06/1828 Private Henry Naylor, born Sutton 1779 Occupation Labourer Enlisted 11/12/1799, Grenadier Guards Discharged 24/08/1821 Private William Swift, born Rainford, 1773 Occupation Labourer Enlisted 25/08/1807, 23rd Regiment of Foot Disharged 18/05/1818 Gunner Samuel Twist, born Windle, 1771 Occupation Labourer Enlisted 01/10/1790 , Royal Artillery Discharged 30/04/1816 Private Thomas Culley born 1794 St Helens Occupation Weaver Enlisted 06/06/1812, 3rd Regiment of Foot Discharged 09/11/1831 Trooper William Bickley born 1783 Cheadle, Staffordshire Occupation Brass Foundryman Enlisted 29/09/1803, 10th Hussars Discharged 21/03/1817 Died St Helens 1875,buried St Thomas chapel churchyard,Hewitt ave
  14. James Molyneux entry should read born Prescot 1792
  15. As the two hundredth anniversary of the battle of Waterloo approaches, I thought it apt to record the Prescot men who fought in the battle. Corporal Henry Burgess, born Prescot 1793. Occupation Labourer Enlisted 1/4/1813, 23rd Regiment of Foot Discharged 13/11/1832 Sergeant Thomas Bradburn, born Prescot 1781 Occupation Weaver Enlisted 25/10/1799, Grenadier Guards Discharged 13/12/1822 Private William Hill, born Prescot 1783 Occupation Blacksmith Enlisted 25/12/1804,1st Dragoons Discharged 24/10/1821 Private James Molyneux, born Prescot 1702 Occupation Miner Enlisted 25/09/1813, 3rd Regiment of Foot Discharged 25/09/1834 All the above fought in the battle of Waterloo
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