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Grange Park - Broadway Technical / Comprehensive / High - Broadway
Opened as a segregated senior boys and girls school in 1938, in 1953 Grange Park became one of the few Technical schools following the Butler Act of 1944 and the introduction of the Tripartite system. In 1968 the school became a mixed Comprehensive.

In 1991 the school merged with Rivington (following Rivington's closure) to become Broadway High. In 2006 Broadway ceased to exist when the school was taken over by Cowley, but existing pupils remained on the site until its final closure in 2009.


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Thu, 22 Sep 2011, 13:38.

I attended Grange Park from 1943 to 1945 and then got a special scholarship to Higher Grade School.

This was a lovely school with nice teachers and it was so nice in wartime to have a school canteen with good dinners, a smashing gymnasium and be taught a bit of gardening as well as the usual educational subjects.


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Sun, 2 Oct 2011, 15:54.

when i left Nutgrove school i went to grange park ,this was during the war years i left school at 14 at the end of the war, teachers that come to mind ,Jones, (head )
Stringer, Howard,Baxter,kenyon,miss,Fazackerly, ( music ) great school,i was in wilberforce house,my fav dinner was fish and mash,if you went during this period i would love to hear from you,


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Mon, 28 Jan 2013, 15:10.

Started there in 1963 enjoyed most of it, but hated Mr. Thomson - Metalwork and some nasty old git that taught Tech Drawing.
Fond memories of some of the lovely girls there , Monica White, Angela Bonney,
John Mantle - PE, Sam Hill - Maths, Jack Hargreaves - Physics, Harry Campbell - Headmaster, Miss Buckley - Biology,


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Mon, 18 Mar 2013, 21:39.

Mr STRINGER ,the madman,at maths.this cane wielding fiend scared me rigid,i still dream of him,in dreams he occasionaly visits me,there i am once again,trying to hide behind the inkwell,while he rants on about ";THE SQUARE OF THE HYPOTENUSE";,,I lashed out at at him,once, and the wife woke up with a nasty bruise !


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Wed, 17 Apr 2013, 19:01.

going to grange park from thatto heath primary school was a giant leap into the unknown! it was styled on a private school ,with quadrangles,gyms,french lessons and masters to match. we sang ";NYMPHS AND SHEPHERDS";,,,";WHERE E,ER YOU WALK";,,,";COME LASSES AND LADS";.I played ";WAG";and went train spotting during sports lessons, next day i got canned by MR JONES,headmaster, he did not believe my lies about sickness ! yes we could be tortured in those days !


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Thu, 13 Nov 2014, 17:42.

Really enjoyed my time at GPTS. Remember the sports pavilion being built. Steve Llewelyn was my first form teacher. He was usually wearing shorts. I was really upset when I saw him being presented to the crowd at Knowsley Rd, he was quite ill at the time. Other teachers I recall are Crawshaw, Jack Mather, Neil Fowles, 'Rock' Hudson, Sid Watts, Alf Roughsedge, Sam Hall, Thompson, and Sherlock. We persuaded Thompson to let us take an old car to pieces to see how an engine worked. He wouldn't allow it into the building so we took it around the back of the tech block. It ended up being our smoking den (never found out about engines, but we had lots of fun messing around)


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Sat, 14 Nov 2015, 12:09.

@ Biffnidge

Hello, attended the same years '53 onwards, started Form 1B Mrs Broderick, had 18 months away, 65-67, thought it was ok when I left, my return in 4th year holds mixed memories, mostly negative, the time away sort of severed the earlier friendships, never regained any sort of comfort, disappointed, then left in '69 not really knowing what to do!
Last form was 5T teacher Sam Hill, fabulous bloke, and that was his last ever class due to moving more into an admin role.
Early years, much happier than later.
The school was very imposing, confusing, scary teachers wearing gowns, quadrangles, an early loss of rota was disastrous, when all the doors closed no idea where I should have been, never lost one again!
Brendan Glynn formerly of St Teresa's Newtown, left St Helens 1972, now an occasional visitor.


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Sun, 24 Apr 2016, 11:02.

@ Lexus

Brendan, do you remember the first register for the boys?
it was something like:
Allcock Brown Cunnliffe Eccleston Glynn Hamilton Heesome Hill Horsley Lally Littler Nairn Reid Tully.
I don't know if I've missed anyone out?

Edited: Sun, 24 Apr 2016, 11:02.

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