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Ravenhead Road
Takes its name from the local area of Ravenhead in which stood Ravenhead Farm, Ravenhead House and Ravenhead Hall. Originally quite a long road stretching from its junction with Crossley Road and Stafford Road, past Factory Row, and the old mill, it ran to Burtonhead Road, but much of the old road has now been made into a footpath.

Factory Row

The old mill

Footpath leading to Burtonhead Road. Old bridge leading through to Nuttall Street.
Census index availability: 1861


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Fri, 13 Nov 2015, 23:31.

Ravenhead Hall wasn't in Ravenhead Rd it was at the top of what is now Elm Rd and was then Hall Lane The hall disappeared into a clay hole for the local industry Ravenhead house is the building near Ravenhead Rd inside what was Pilkingtons Ravenhead Works and near Factory Row.The hall was a long way from Ravenhead Rd

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