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Factory Row

Originally built to house the families of glass workers, Factory Row is a terraced row set back from Ravenhead Road. Behind the row is the Knauf Insulation factory, formerly Pilkingtons Fibreglass works, but the site was originally the home of the Ravenhead British Plate Glass works. The plaque to the centre of the row gives a date of 1854, however, a part of the row must have existed before the section with the plaque because it is evident from the 1851 Census that at least a part of it existed before that year.

A famous ex-resident was Johnny_Vegas who lived here circa 2003.

A not-so-famous resident is the webmaster of this site.

Census index availability: 1851 1861 1881 1891


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Tue, 15 Jan 2013, 13:59.

The Tyson family lived at No 2 Factory Row in 1911. Later demolished to make way for entrance to works.


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Mon, 30 Dec 2013, 20:28.

OS map of 1847 shows the southerly half from alongside Ravenhead Laundry to be in existence at that time. The northerly half from presumably where the roof line drops a bit, was then built as the plaque says in 1854 (the 4 is now missing) by A.F. Anyone know who A.F. was?

Trade Directory results for Factory Row. (4 result(s))
LawrenceDaviesGlass Hand18Factory Row RavenheadSlaters1895
JamesEllisonLabourer50Factory Row RavenheadSlaters1895
RobertGeeGlass Maker52Factory Row RavenheadSlaters1895
ThomasWinstanleyGlass Maker34Factory Row RavenheadSlaters1895

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