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Presbyterian Church, Tolver Street -

The St Helens Presbyterian Church had earlier roots with the New Independent Church in the town centre, but in the 1860s the Presbyterians attending that church decided that they preferred to separate themselves from the Congregationalists; first meeting in the Scottish Society and Scrymgeour's Rooms in Raven Street (now Church Street), then in the Town Hall and in the Friends Meeting House. Their own church in Tolver Street was finally opened on the 9th of December 1867.

The WW1 memorial for members of this church, along with the WW2 memorial are on our St Helens Rolls of Honour site.

In the 1970s the Presbyterians rejoined with the Congregationalists and other Non-Conformists in the United Reformed Church at King Street.
The church building was demolished after being used as a discount warehouse for a few decades, then subsequent dereliction and fire damage.

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