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Sun, 31 Mar 2019, 8:46.
I remember Eddy Camp. Quite enjoyed my time there. The only bully teacher I remember was Middlehurst. He took us for games( woe betide any one who forgot their kit). He also took over geography from Totty Wallace ( I still remember what Mr Wallace taught me). But when Miggy took over my geography plummeted. I remember most of the other teachers fondly. Most of all was Mr Bates for maths and history. With a bit of careful nurturing I went from bottom of the class in nearly everything (which I was quite unconcerned about) . To top of the class in most subjects. I will always remember Mr Bates as an exceptional teacher.Link to School
Wed, 9 Jan 2019, 7:04.
‪I started at the Grammar school in September 1955 at the age of 11 having gained a place by passing the eleven plus exam earlier in the year. The school was run by the religious order of St John the Baptist De La Salle who lived in a large house adjoining the school. The head teachers were appointed from within the order and were only allowed to preside for a period of six years, reviewed after the first three. ‬

‪The head teacher at the beginning of my time at the school was Brother Vincent and though the impression he gave was that he was a charming man I found him to be a little too familiar. He was in time replaced by Brother Augustine.‬

‪Our History teacher was Brother Victor and the Geography Teacher Mr Mountain (Nicknamed Rocky for obvious reasons)‬

‪My first Maths Teacher was Mr Tibbins but he was replaced by Mr Shacklady (Nicknamed Shack) A teacher who believed that the way to teach was to use the cane at every opportunity. We all had regular homework which was together with other subjects intended to take two hours per night with 4 hrs at weekend. Now If a pupil got a homework answer wrong in maths he would be expected to do it again without being shown how to arrive at required answer. If the answer was still wrong then he thought that the best way to treat them was by giving six strokes of the cane across their hands.‬

‪English Teachers --Mrs Lofthouse a decent teacher who also had a local sweet shop.‬

‪Mrs O’Reilly, whose husband was also a teacher at West Park,. Nicknamed Ma Reilly She again was a decent teacher.‬

‪The Chemistry teacher was Mr Pilkington whose brother ran the school stores. We called him Shy after Shylock as he was fond of saying that he would have his pound of flesh from us. He was not a particularly good teacher and as the pupils in my form were not the brightest at chemistry he refused to teach us all with the exception of one. The rest of us were left to read books.‬

‪I Remember Mr Bolger and another teacher Nicknamed Dan who looked and sounded consumptive.‬

‪Mr Roberts (Bert) the art teacher was not a qualified teacher though he was a good artist. His profession was that of a barber. I always enjoyed his classes and visited him after I left school and he retired. The class would play him up until he would finally crack and start lashing out at all and sundry with the cane.‬

‪Then there was the infamous Dr Mullen. Doctor of French Literature at what I think was a fictitious Belgian University. He was later found to have bogus qualifications and dismissed. I did hear that he later worked as a labourer at a nearby Pilkington’s factory. ‬
‪I f the country had been taken over by the Germans then his calling would have been that of a Gestapo officer. I once saw him attack a pupil by slapping him across the face on one cheek and then alternately on each cheek until he finally brought both hands together at once his unfortunate victims face. This was accompanied by him saying “I show you how to play hide and seek” One slap” I find you” another slap “you find Me” another slap and so on until he said “we both find each other” when both hands landed on the face of the pupil. Nowadays this would result in a charge of assault but nobody then questioned his actions.‬
‪There was Mr Booth the Latin master, Music teacher and PE instructor who had been gassed in 14/18 war. That had affected his vocal chords so it was really hard to hear him. He was not very fit and would join the pupils on cross country runs riding a small motor bike. Like the Brothers he lived on the school premises.‬
‪In later years we had Joe Coen and Mr Jones as PE Instructors who I believe also had links with the Saints Rugby League team at Knowsley Road.‬
‪The playing of football was frowned on and in season only Rugby Union was played. Cricket of course between Easter and the start of the summer holidays‬
‪We were not allowed to go into a fish and chip shop in school uniform‬
‪The head had a mike in his office and there were speakers in every part of the building, shades of George Orwell and 1984. Sometimes the speaker would click and you would hear “headmaster speaking” he would announce to the school that a pupil or pupils had committed some misdemeanour or other and that he would now cane him and then there followed the sound of the cane hitting the poor unfortunate. The cane was applied for offences such as not wearing a school cap and on occasions the Headmaster would travel into town to Bridge Street and wait at the Trolley bus stop where many of the pupils boarded the bus. Note would be taken of who was not complying and they would be singled out in class for punishment.‬
‪We had Pop and Cake day on the feast of St John Baptist De la Salle. The whole of the school would go in crocodile formation down to Sacred Heart Church for Mass and on returning to school be given a cake and a bottle of pop. Then off we went home for the rest of the day. ‬
‪I was more than pleased when I finally left that school in July 1960 ..I had a reference from the Headmaster which read that i could always be relied upon to give of my best in whatever situation was assigned to me.‬
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Wed, 9 Jan 2019, 6:55.
1947 and at four years of age I started school in the Nursery Class of the local Church School.(St Mary’s Lowe House) My sister a year younger but for three days also started on the same day. There were two classes in the prefabricated building attached to the main Junior School. I went into Miss Fairhurst's class and my sister into Miss Tinkers. The headmistress of the Infants school was one of the nuns from the nearby Notre Dame Convent,Sister Mary of the Angels. The Girls senior school across the playground had as its head, Sister Mary Magdalene . It was the same at all the local Catholic schools apart from the Boys senior Schools ,they all had a Sister Mary ....something or other in charge. In later years one of the Jesuit Priests from the local church during one of his weekly visits to our house that Sister Mary of The Angels would call into school the mother of any child who wasn't attending Mass on Sunday. She would sit her down and say" Now know you are going to Hell don't you? That of course is what we were taught from the outset , that it was a mortal sin to miss Mass on a Sunday or a Holiday of Obligation . We would be punished for all eternity in the fires of Hell.
At five I moved up to Miss Forshaw's class where the Head also had her desk. The big school room which had three classes of about 40 plus pupils had just a round stove in the middle of the room with a chimney that went up through the roof and that was kept supplied with coke. We used little slates in a wooden frame to write on with chalk. On one wall was a Crucifix and there were also three statues of saints each with candles burning in front ( no health and safety in those days) I remember on girl with ringlets backing up to close during morning prayers and her hair starting to flame .Luckily seen by a teacher who smothered it with her hands.
One of the priest would come into class every Monday morning and would ask who had missed Mass . Those who hadn't would get a few strokes with the side of a ruler over their knuckles ( as if the fires of hell wasn't sufficient)
Time came for the school Nativity Play and probably because I had already learnt how best to get on the right side of Sister Mary I got the part of St Joseph opposite Eileen Simpson as Mary. The Nun had remarked to my mother what a good boy I was because when she was asking us all what we wanted to be when we were grown up I answered " The Pope" All went well and my grandma from Liverpool came to watch my first and last acting role.
Now seven years of age and my mother and her friend across the street decided that her son and myself would transfer to another Church School a mile away. The reason was that the headmaster there had a good record for getting his pupils through the 11 plus whereas the local school Headmaster had poor results. So at seven off I went on the bus to another school. Looking back my friend and I were only accompanied by a parent on the first day there and for the next four years we made our own way. Not like the scholars of our local academy who still seem to need cars to bring them to an from school at 14 plus.
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michael weatherly
Tue, 14 Aug 2018, 21:05.
Pupil from 1950 to 1958. From duckings at southport  until final relief moving to bournemouth  in 1958 still have absolute loathing.Will enumerate and name the perpetrators of absolute savagery both physical and psychological in due course. Should have done it years ago, now 75  pax vobiscumLink to School
Sat, 4 Aug 2018, 13:42.
King Kenny == I remember those metal stoves well. The original ones were circular black cast iron, which used to get very hot, hence the guards. they were replaced sometime in the late 50s with more modern stoves, rectangular in shape with angled tops.

I think there were two Chisnall brothers, but can't remember their first names.

Popeye == My dad Jack Welsby, from 1951 was deputy to Miss Whalley, and then took over as head before his years of campaigning paid off and the new school (St Mary and St Thomas) was built. It merged St T's (junior and infants) with the York Street infant's school. We didn't live in Boundary Road, we lived just off Dunriding Lane round the back of the Saints ground. I think the people who owned the shop you mention were friends of my Mum.

Mr Aldridge was a good guy, who as Dad often said, well deserved his headship at Parr.

Does anybody here have, or know where I can find, any pix of the old school? I'm trying to put together a family history.

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Chris Cassidy
Sat, 31 Mar 2018, 15:39.
My mum went to Parish Church in the 1930s. I'm currently doing research for her eulogy. Has anybody any info? I always thought she went there until she was 14 but I don't think that's right. Parr Mount has also been mentioned. Link to School
Tue, 13 Mar 2018, 23:25.
A picture from 1957/8 - sent in by ozziew. Click the thumbnail for the bigger picture. 
ozziew wrote:

Help fill in the blanks please as everybody on this picture will have been born 70 years ago by the end of August 2018. If I have made any mistakes with the following names - apologies!

Back row: Michael Harrison - Don't know - ? Tabern, Philip Macdonald - Austin Whiteside - Arthur Bate - Brian Musgrove - Don't know

4th row: Carol Measures - Don't know - Don't know - Don't know - Ian Woodyer - Geoffrey Davies - Eric Glynn - Gillian Cottom - Linda Thomas

3rd row: Lesley Mason - Don't know - Linda Bridge - Gillian Ensor - Don't know - Susan Shenton - Don't know - Carol Cook - Susan Buckley

2nd row: Don't know - Elizabeth Holden - Judith Whittle - Don't know - Don't know - Don't know - Helen Prescot - Helen Noddings

Front row: William Flood - David Sumner - Michael Pendlebury - Christopher Pickering - Stephen Gilman - ? Critchley - Paul Conqueror

Best wishes to all of you,

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Sat, 6 Jan 2018, 15:08.
Hey lizthemeerkat, I remember Steve Ryan. I think he was at eddycamp 72 to 77 though.Link to School
Thu, 22 Jun 2017, 16:02.
I attended Cowley GS from September 1952 until 1958. Just read an old obituary of Stan Rodden who was my form master in 1954. He had served in the RAF during WW2 and regaled us with his exploits. A chap called Lewis (Lefty) Lees was my first form master in 1952- our form included the following people- Dave Atherton,Ken Farrar, Roger Edmundson, Colin Bellis, Johnny Clare ( also at Windlehurst), Ged Connolly who I am still in touch with,Raph Charnock, Ronnie Earps, John and Arthur Ashcroft ( fellow train enthusiasts), Arthur Ashton, Dave Ashall. Not a bad memory for someone approaching 77! Bill Brady- real name Richard P. Brady taught us geography and everyone listened intently as he had a fearsome temper, as a fellow student called Ally Gledhill can confirm.Link to School
Thu, 22 Jun 2017, 15:46.
I started at Windlehurst in the immediate post war year and remember most of the teachers fondly, apart from that dragon of a headmistress Annie Clarke, who once belted me round the chops for throwing a snowball. Still in touch with a number of classmates- Vince Travis, Roger Clarke and the late Stan Crosby who  passed away very recently.The following teachers taught me- Miss Phillips, Mrs Challinor, Mrs Pearce, Mr Metcalfe (my favourite) and Mrs Audrey Gertrude Swift. Many happy memories apart from Miss Clarke and the smell of boiling cabbage coming from the canteen.Link to School
Sat, 6 May 2017, 12:46.
Miss Goulding got married and became mrs stirrup I was in her class second year i loved that school I have fond memories of it
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Mon, 17 Apr 2017, 19:33.
Also remember being at Crown Street. When we walked down for dinner there would be shouts, and counter shouts, ot "Cat Licks" and "Proddy Dogs" between us and St Matthews. Wouldn't be allowed now.
Then at St Austins it was "New School, paddling pool" versus "Crown Street, Smelly Feet".
What an education we all gotted.
Though come to think of it we were using metric at Crown Street and StAustins, then When I moved over to Bleak hill Juniors a couple of years later they were in feet an inches and no metric. 
Bleak Hill dead read proper England tho, not like the ITA (or whatever), phonetic reading that confused me to bits when trying to read real words.

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Wed, 29 Mar 2017, 15:07.
the only teacher i remember was mrs hartley. i remember a girl named beryl reid breaking a window by slamming a door when going home. 
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Wed, 11 Jan 2017, 14:58.
@ yicker124

Update on this post: I'm Fred McCabe:Now 73, still meeting with old boys from St Helens and Wigan about once a month. (I was yicker124 but email address I used at time no longer accessible so can't get old password)
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john mcnelly
Sat, 17 Dec 2016, 15:56.
I attended ParrMount schools from 1955 to 1961 juniors then 1961 to 1965 seniors, anyone remember me, if so get in touch.Link to School

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