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Wed, 9 Dec 2009, 1:00.
Bold. Mill Green windmill, c.1855Link to Photo
Wed, 9 Dec 2009, 0:59.
Ravenhead windmill, 1990 (not the Emery House mill but the second of two windmills in the glassworks)Link to Photo
Wed, 9 Dec 2009, 0:58.
Emery House windmill, Ravenhead, early 19th century painting by Robert Sherborne, manager of the British Cast Plate Glass Company's factory.Link to Photo
Wed, 9 Dec 2009, 0:57.
British Cast Plate Glass Works, showing the Emery House windmill, Ravenhead, early 19th centuryLink to Photo
Wed, 9 Dec 2009, 0:56.
Willacy's windmill, College Street, c.1900Link to Photo
Tue, 1 Dec 2009, 17:40.
Just one of many tight squeezes!Link to Photo
Tue, 1 Dec 2009, 17:37.
This is supporting the 'roof' in one of the tunnels, its like a railway sleeper in size but at least twelve feet long!!!Link to Photo
Sat, 28 Nov 2009, 9:24.
My family kept the Swan from from the 1860's to the 1960'sLink to Photo
Fri, 27 Nov 2009, 19:48.
What was the name of the radio shop located on the LH side of the road on this picture, just before the turn off to Market St? I think it was run by two Czechoslovakian brothers after WW2.Link to Photo
Fri, 27 Nov 2009, 19:38.
Is it not Springfield Lane, looking towards Church Lane?
Whichever, it is a very nostalgic and evocative memory of times gone by.
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Mon, 23 Nov 2009, 12:49.
Could the larger building in this picture be the Three Pigeons pub?Link to Photo
Mon, 9 Nov 2009, 21:04.
This is a place very dear to my heart. My Great Grandparents were two of the original trustees of this church - they helped to raise the funds to build it. They were then married there, as was their son (my grandfather) and my parents. I was dedicated there in 1985 as well! My family were a major part of this fellowship but sadly due to death &; people moving there are only 2 of my relations left there.

There are plans to renovate the inside and I'm currently in the process of arranging to go over &; take some photos before this happens. Will upload them when I can.

Oh, and incidentally...the church is actually on Hall St - that's the official address anyway! (although I understand that it's on the junction with Tolver Street so people can easily get this information wrong.)
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mike rennie
Thu, 5 Nov 2009, 20:25.
I know the photo says its eccleston mere, but to me the steepness of the land around body of water looks like Car mill dam to me the land around Eccleston mere is much flater

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Wed, 4 Nov 2009, 10:55.
Can anyone make out the name in the bottom left corner?
Looks like it ends with LEY F.C.
Maybe Cowley F.C.?
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Sun, 18 Oct 2009, 18:35.
Could this be the Eccleston Arms car park?Link to Photo

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