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Hi John Burgess Griffiths was my g.g.grandfather their eldest son John was my g. grandfather

as you can see I don't have Catherine's Marriage but I have a lot more information on the family Cheers amottershead


Name Date Place

John Griffiths

Ann Dixon

John and Ann m. Sunday 1/12/1850 Prescot

John Griffiths b. Saturday 10/1/1852 St.Helens

Margaret Griffiths b. Wednesday 28/12/1853St.Helens


Joseph Griffiths b. Saturday 9/1/1858 Sutton

James Griffiths b. Sunday 25/2/1860 Sutton

Elizabeth Griffiths b. Thursday 27/2/1862 Sutton

Mary Griffiths b. Saturday 21/5/1864 Sutton

Esther Griffiths b. Monday 12/2/1866 Sutton

Alfred Griffiths b. Saturday 5/6/1869 Bold

Mary Griffiths age 6 d. Friday 21/4/1871 Bold

Mary Griffiths b. Monday 7/8/1871 Bold

John and Elizabeth

Woods m. Sunday 22/12/1872Prescot

Catherine Griffiths b. Wednesday 30/4/1873 Bold

Margaret and

Thomas Kenwright m. Sunday 12/10/1873Widnes

Ann Griffiths b. Thursday 20/8/1874 Bold

George and

Sarah Ellen

Isherwood m. Friday 25/12/1874St.Helens

Ann Griffiths

age7months d. Tuesday 6/4/1875 Bold

Joseph and

Elizabeth Jane

Bevan m. Sunday 29/10/1882Eccleston

Elizabeth and Joseph Proffit m. Sunday 31/1/1886 St.Helens

Esther and Edwin Beesley m. Saturday 3/12/1887 Eccleston

John Griffiths age 53 d. Tuesday 22/5/1888 St.Helens

Alfred and Sarah Eden m. Saturday 27/4/1889 Prescot

Ann Griffiths age 60 d. Wednesday 19/2/1890 St.Helens

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Better late than never:

Margaret Griffiths, who married Thomas Kenwright in October 1873, died in 1930.

(Death age 76, March Quarter 1930, Prescot 8b 871, source: freebmd)

There's a bit of age slippage that shows up on the census records btw, but she was a widow in the 1911 census and the next of kin when her youngest son Jonathan was killed in action on28 August 1918.

Thomas Kenwright was the eldest son of Will Cookson Kenwright, from a second marriage to Margaret Roby (there's a thread about Wilcockson/Wilcookson/Will Cookson Kenwright here too).

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