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Baptism Records at The Mount (Holy Trinity Church)


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I wonder if any of you could please help I feel like I’m smashing my head on a brick wall.  I’m trying to find my grandfathers mum according to the 1939 register her birthdate is given as 12 Sept 1877 her given name is Ann Cosgrove living in Fleet Lane Parr.  In the 1881 census she is living in Parr with her father John and Ann who are both Irish but the all the children her brother herself and her sister were all born in St. Helen’s Lancs. She married James Lancaster in 1898 at Holy Trinity Church. I have all the census records, marriage record, death record but I just cannot find her birth record I have tried various spellings of Casgrove/Cosgrave or Ann with an ‘e’ and with even looked in neighbouring towns but I just have come up stumps.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Not at local registrar

Not on GRO

Not on FreeBMD

found the other 2 children, mothers name Harrison.

she can't be illegit and under Harrison because third child

Found her sons birth gives her name as Casgrove.

Parents marriage was register office or attended, Where they RC? Oh yes they were married at St Anne Sutton. 5th Feb 1871

So baps then ....


Sometimes this happens, just gets lost or they forget to register or its completely illegible or destroyed.

Best bet find the baps, probs in a catholic church, which are not usually online. Try the archives library and Ill see what I can find in my files, someone else on here may look also.



added 18 minutes later

Didn't take me long😃

All children's births are at St Anne's  Sutton, I can't post a link to my dropbox here for some reason so I will PM you with it.




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You absolute “LEGEND” my grandad wasn’t Catholic so I assumed his mum wasn’t either.  Thank you for finding her. I’m going to contact St Ann’s in the hope they can tell me if there’s any way to access the baptism records. 

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