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Landlord of which Pub?

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I have been doing a family tree for a family member and have come across one of their ancestors who was on the 1861 census as a Publican.  The family lived at 44 Duke Street, which is where Dominos is now.  As far as I know this address was never a pub, does anyone know if there are records anywhere of landlords for this era so I can find out which pub he was the landlord of?  Many Thanks

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The only thing I can find is in the 1871 census 44 Duke St has a bit of annotation above it "Blk Horse" The only place I have seen information is from newspaper articles and searching for William Woods who was the publican in 1861, the only william Woods I can find comes up connected to the Bull and Dog in 1866.

42 was a beerhouse at some stage also.

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Three Asses

A Greenalls beerhouse at No. 42 Duke Street.from the 1860s.
Beer retailers:
Mary Ann Anders (1864)
John Harrison (1871 and 1876)
Robert Disbury (1887)
James ONeill (1889)
Philip McManus (1890s)
James Harrison (from Feb 1901)
William Parr (1905)

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10 hours ago, Lotus Flower said:

William Woods

And he is resident at 44 in 1861, the property which seems to be listed as the Black Horse in 1871, did William Woods move to The Bull and Dog as somearticles about him and a bowling green appear online?

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