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Hi.   Thank you for accepting me to the group. 

 I am doing some family research after doing a DNA test.   I am looking for any details on William Gore who was born 23/10/1901.  He married Alice Rylance 1925.  He was adopted we think his birth name was Lyon.   On his marriage certificate it says Father.....James Gore, 7 Carvers Yard, Prescot. Deceased.   I am a very strong match with his grandson but we cannot find the link between the families. 

Any help would be gratefully received.


Thank you.

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I find a GRO birth reg  for LYON, WILLIAM     mother nee   GORE  
GRO Reference: 1901  D Quarter in PRESCOT  Volume 08B  Page 723

If he was adopted as you think, it may have been from a sister of his father James

Confusing.  I couldn't find any marriages for Lyon and Gore. I will try to follow the siblings of James tomorrow


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Posted (edited)

Yeah that's this one 

Banns: St Mary, Knowsley, Lancashire, England
Richard Lyon - Bachelor, this Parish
Margaret Gore - Spinster, the Parish of Eccleston
    First Reading: 11 Dec 1898; Read By: John Richardson
    Second Reading: 18 Dec 1898; Read By: John Richardson
    Third Reading: 25 Dec 1898; Read By: John Richardson
    Notes: Certificate of Banns given 26th Dec 1898
    Register: Banns 1894 - 1929, Page 12, Entry 36
    Source: LDS Film 1545855
Marriage: 29 Dec 1898 Christ Church, Eccleston, Lancashire, England
Richard Lyon - 32, Carter, Bachelor, Knowsley
Margaret Gore - 29, Spinster, Eccleston
    Groom's Father: John Lyon, deceased, Keeper
    Bride's Father: John Gore, deceased, Farmer
    Witness: John Gore; Jane Lyon
    Married by Banns by: B. S. Clarke
    Register: Marriages 1898 - 1900, Page 8, Entry 16
    Source: LDS Film 1657567 

Richard Lyon and Margaret Gore children to this marriage 
    LYON, JOHN        GORE  
GRO Reference: 1903  S Quarter in PRESCOT  Volume 08B  Page 774
    LYON, WILLIAM        GORE  
GRO Reference: 1901  D Quarter in PRESCOT  Volume 08B  Page 723

Parents marriage 
Marriage: 8 May 1861 St Mary the Virgin, Knowsley, Lancashire, England
John Lyon - 24, Labourer, Bachelor, Knowsley
Elizabeth Tyrer - 24, Spinster, Walton on the Hill
    Groom's Father: Richard Lyon, Labourer
    Bride's Father: James Tyrer, Game Keeper
    Witness: Henry Tyrer; Catherine Tyrer
    Married by Banns by: Edward Marston
    Register: Marriages 1844 - 1928, Page 37, Entry 74
    Source: LDS Film 1545855

Children to this marriage  John Lyon and Elizabeth Tyrer
Kate Tyrer Lyon 1862
Richard 1866
Elizabeth 1870
Ellen 1873
Margaret 1875 
William 1878 
Jane 1882  (witness to brothers marriage?)
all at St Mary Prescot, father is a deer keeper and park keeper at Knowsley.


Richard Lyon and Margaret Gore children to this marriage 

    LYON, JOHN        GORE  
GRO Reference: 1903  S Quarter in PRESCOT  Volume 08B  Page 774
    LYON, WILLIAM        GORE  
GRO Reference: 1901  D Quarter in PRESCOT  Volume 08B  Page 723
Possible marriage of Margaret Gores parents
Marriage: 26 Jun 1867 St Chad, Kirkby, Lancashire, England
John Gore - 26, Bachelor, Kirkby
Sarah Cave - 31, Spinster, Kirkby
    Groom's Father: John Gore, Farmer
    Bride's Father: Robert Cave, Labourer
    Witness: William Hampson, (X); Alice Hampson
    Married by Banns by: John Johnson, Assist. Curate
    Register: Marriages 1837 - 1902, Page 100, Entry 199
    Source: LDS Film 1545853

Children to this marriage
Elizabeth 1867
Margaret 1869 #
John 1872

Link between James Gore (williams adopted father) and Margaret Gore married to Richard Lyon is............?



added 24 minutes later

The Prescot Rolls of Honour one is confusing, right name right address the parents died in 1940 and 1943 the grave is here, it also says Sarah Jane Lyon was nee Pendleton so no Gore connection. Also William Lyon/Gore doesnt appear in census,  unless James Lyon was his father aged 19  then died, not James Gore?  I'll look at this more tomorrow.



Born on 19 May 1868. Died in Mar 1943. Buried in Prescot, Merseyside, England.


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I cant thank you enough, for all your help, thank you, thank  you, thank you  xx

added 41 minutes later

On the 1911 census  I have Thomas Gore Head aged 26, Annie Gore wife age 23, Thomas Gore Father age 60, Margaret Gore mother age 58, William Lyon nephew aged 9.   Thank you

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I have been looking on there but it’s making sure i have the correct family.

William  Gore (Lyon) grandson is a 2nd DNA cousin with me, also he shares a match with my cousins on my fathers side.  But also a low DNA on my maternal side.  Yet looking at all the information it’s all linked to my mothers side!

it will be this weekends project on finding the link.


thank you for your help, it’s given me some leads.  Sometimes it just needs another pair of eyes.

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