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How do I get to the photo section that has pages and pages of old photos?

I would also like to get to the old pubs and landords but cannot find it anywhere.


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Hort, This is they way I find them.

Try going to "Forums" then scroll down to "St. Helens Genealogy" then click on that which will take you to "General Links" then go to "Photos" at the top right hand corner of page.

Same for Pubs which are under "Local History".

Or try this way..(if they work). :thumbup:

St Helens Connect: Links (sthelens-connect.net)

St Helens Connect: Photos (sthelens-connect.net)

St Helens Connect: Pubs, Clubs, Beerhouses, Bars, etc. (sthelens-connect.net)



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Thanks Phyll, I don't know if it's an age thing or the board has changed but I sometimes struggle to find some forums

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There used to a search feature in the photo section but I cannot find it now.


added 52 minutes later

Found what I wanted now.

In General genealogy, click on Maps at the top.

Then in Maps click on categories.

This then gives a list the you can choose from.

Just click on which you want.

The list is shown below.


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