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A Brick Wall

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Hello,Currently doing a family tree and hit a brick wall with my Great Grandparent,can't find his birth certificate in the gro or Lancashire parish,so came to the conclusion he may have been born in Ireland,but no record there.Recently learned that not all births are in the gro and was just wondering where I could go from there.His name is Patrick Scully born in 1892,Married Rose Walker in 1917 stating Denis Scully as his father that was deceased and a Chemical Labourer,Also states he was living in 1 Phythian Street before marriage.Just looking for advice on what else I can do to find his birth,also searched UkBMD no matches there even with similar sounding names.He also died 1935.

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Hi Danielle, I found this on the 1901 Census here on St. Helens Connect. Looks like he was born in St. Helens.

Hope it helps.


St Helens 1901 Census

 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901        ?  Clear Surname All Surnames


No Address 1901 Firstnames Surname Rel Age B/A Birthplace HO-107 Folio Page Find
    St Helens Bridget SKULLY Stepdaughter 6 1895 St Helens, Lancashire 3522 161   find
    St Helens Dennis SKULLY Stepson 15 1886 Ireland 3522 161   find
    St Helens Mary SKULLY Stepdaughter 10 1891 St Helens, Lancashire 3522 161   find
    St Helens Patrick SKULLY Stepson 9 1892 St Helens, Lancashire 3522 161   find

And when you click "Find" next to his name, it says this...

1901 Census

Patrick Skully, age 9 (born about 1892 at St Helens, Lancashire )

Find on Ancestry [1901 Census] ~ [Anc General Search]

Find on Find My Past ~ [FMP General Search]

Find on Familysearch

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Hi, Danielle,

1901 Census -Patrick is living at 11 Copperas Street wich is near Bold Street, St Helens - age 9 years. He is registered as the step son of Patrick & Ellen Mulvihill. Also Dennis, Mary & Bridget Skully. There are also five Mulvihill children. It looks like his mother has remarried. On the 1911 Census he is living at 27 Bold Street with his step-parents,  also Mary and Ellen. Patrick died in 1935 and is buried in the StHelens Cemetery - grave No. 136 - section 34 - 14 Feb 1935. Also interred are - Emma, Deborah Ann, Ellen, Rose & Andrew.

Hope this helps, Regards, H.

added 20 minutes later

Ellen Mulvihill died in 1918 & is buried in St Helens Cemetery with most of her family. Grave No. 149 Section 22.

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Thank you im hoping this is him,but can't find who mum married before Mulvihill,found her marriage to mulvihill,but can't find any of the children registered,it does make sense to be him,just unusual he's not registered here,can't even locate mum's maiden name on any of the children,thank you for you're help:)x

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Hi, Patrick Mulvihill married Ellen Scully at Prescot District in Apr-May-June quarter of 1899.

added 15 minutes later

Hi, children of Patrick & Ellen Mulvihill are Catherine, Patrick,Bridget, Elizabeth and Margaret.


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Could Patrick's wife be Ellen Driscoll (Scully)?

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Hi I'm guessing so can I ask where you found the name driscoll I cant find the marriage certificate just the registration,can't even find birth registrations for any on the kids to find the maiden name of Ellen,I'll look for a Ellen dricoll hopefully marrying a Denis scully to match my one,thank you for your help :)

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Hi Danielle,

Got the name from a Family Tree on Ancestry, says her birth was about 1862 in Ireland and death 21 May 1918 in St. Helens. The tree has Mulvihill family & the Scully family listed.

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Hello,Thank you was able to find the birth of her Eldest son Denis scully in Schull Ireland,but can seem to find my relatives birth record,found her daughters in 1890 but can't find her other kids in the gro,is sacred heart records avaliable?Thank you all for you're Help

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Register entries for SCULLY Baptisms at Sacred Heart:

Mary: Daughter of Dennis and Ellen (Nee O’Driscoll): born 10 March 1890: baptized 18 March 1890.

Patrick: Son of Dennis and Ellen (Nee Driscoll): born 15 January 1892: baptized 23 January 1892.

Ellen: Daughter of James and Ellen (Nee Driscoll): born 9 April 1894: baptized 14 April 1894.

Bridget: Daughter of Ellen: born 4 April 1897: baptized 7 April 1897.

Elizabeth: Daughter of Ellen: born 2 May 1899: baptized 12 June 1899.  This entry shows the original surname of Mulvahill had been crossed out and replaced by Scully. Patrick had also been crossed out as the father’s name.


There are two MULVIHILL (children of Patrick and Ellen – nee Driscoll) entries:

Margaret: born 11 November 1900: baptized 18 November 1900.

Agnes: born 2 December 1902: baptized 15 December 1902.


There are also a number of Mulvihill entries (children of Patrick and Mary (nee Keegan).


Hope this helps.

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Oh wow thank you so much for these,they help so much! And was unsure if Bridget was a mulvhivhill or a scully as father Dennis I'm presuming passed 83,on the census she's named as mulvihill/scully with different birth dates,so thank you again:)

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