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Stanhope Street, Morley Street and Talbot Street?


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Does anyone know when the terraced houses were built on Stanhope Street and Morley Street?  I'm guessing the mid-1800s since the streets don't appear on the 1848 map of the town but they're present by 1892.  

Also, some parts of the two streets have been redeveloped.  Are the surviving terraced houses the original build or was the entire area redeveloped at some point?

Finally, does anyone know the location of Talbot Street?  I can find a Talbot Close on GoogleEarth but can't find any mention of a Talbot Street on any old maps.

Any thoughts would be most welcome as I have ancestors who lived in Stanhope Street circa 1865 who moved to 10 Talbot Street around 1867 and then later moved to 40 Morley Street around 1880.

Many thanks in advance.  

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Many thanks Dexter.  That helps a lot.  Focusing me on the area around Raglan/Peter/Kirkland Streets helped me locate Talbot Street on the 1892 map of St.Helens.  It ran across both Kirkland and Peter Streets.

Alas, St.Helens Council has a knack for destroying communities.  A lot of my family lived in Parr Mount but the creation of the Parr Street dual carriageway essentially cut off the houses from their local shops at Pocket Nook, while the demolition of the terraced houses in the 1960s tore the community apart.  It's only through my family history research that I've discovered relatives who lived close together in that community but whom I never met...and I was born not too long after the Parr Mount terraced houses were demolished.  

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@Mark Haselden

From what I remember it was the bottom parts of Morley and Stanhope that were demolished and considerably older than the ones left higher ip towards Victoria Park

Here is a blank, put other names in like  Stanhope Talbot, Kirkland etc and Yes in the box for photos.



Have a good look and you will see that a lot of them were in a very bad state of repair, many rented and had been neglected for years like this





added 10 minutes later

This pic of Pocket Nook St is typical of the houses that were demolished around Fingerpost. one living room straight off the street with a kitchen behind and stairs out of the kitchen up to the two bedrooms, sometimes a lean to bit at the back with a sink and cold tap only, toilet down the yard.


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We lived at number 63, directly opposite Allanson Street school.  I used to ride my bike around Monmouth Grove (and came a cropper on it bumping down the curb on Hammond Street just after it had been resurfaced with tar and stone chips...made a nice mess of the right side of my face).  

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