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Interesting Old St.Helens Pictures


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Sorry to be as pedantic as you seem to be.Needing things clearly EXPLAINED.

1.Is the position referenced  as if it was you viewing the pic.or 

as someone in the picture would reference it..

2.Why did you reference the position from the left instead of from the right?

I also had to correct you when you used the term from in reference to a road.

Surely a road also has 2 points of reference..Its top or bottom.?.

Even FRANK sadly is needing to be similarly admonished.

As a member of the position referencing organisation its FROM THE RIGHT.



added 13 minutes later


Not to labour it.This is the algorithm.For point positional  ref to a line.

((b.x-a.x)*(c.y- a.y)-(b.y- a.y)*(c.x-a.x)>0

sorry I dont have the specific criteria of the algorithm cos that page was ripped a bit.

No doubt you will have this fully explained in your book of useless facts,like mine.

added 24 minutes later

There are millions Algorithms around.

Dave and I am sure DrD will know what an RBV is.

Well it's used by the DWP to categorise benefit claimants

Algorithmic Controlled RISK BASED VERIFICATION SYSTEM. into low,med or high risk.God knows what risk of.?Maybe levels of laziness etc?

As it's a New Year I thought we could do a note on the fact it's not Politics,Brexit etc ruling our economy and our lives but AI and  damn Algorithms.NOT THE TORIES!

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A bit more info.

Ben Brooks was originally on Cirporation st around where Lincoln House is.

There was a yard on the corner of College st/Corporstion st.

Then it was Ben Brooks.

It was I believe a double fronted shop.

He had a train set operating in the window.

I dont know whether it was operated in the shop or you could put 1 penny in a slot outside to run it.

I got my Hornby stuff and construction sets there. 

My uncle was into Balsawood plane construction sets.

I am sure he would have got his sets there.





added 5 minutes later


Thanx for pic .

I dont know whether there was another butchers nearby?My dad won a Turkey in a raffle.I am sure  looking at the pic it was Brighouse as it was on that side almost near the Capitol.

When mum got it home it was too big for our gas oven.

She must have sorted it cos we didn't starve!!



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3 hours ago, Bert said:

BJ. I notice you've thumbs up the Anne Barrow shop photo. Did she stock your size?

I was in there quite often, ......I seem to recall you being thrown out a couple of times for rummaging through the Knicker drawer once to often. :P

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The 1956 pic.and much later of the old pic

1.Along the back bit used to be derelict and had a note that it was part of the Communist party !!offices.Anyone know about this.

2.HOLTS BUTCHERS.Used to also have the butchers corner of Ramford st and Parr stocks rd.

3.Bottom left was were there used to be one of those medical hacks usually selling bottles stuff tomcove anything!!

4.Anyone know about the tall white building right at back on right.Cant just make out the name.

As Alan noted. after demolition there it became a small outdoor market as was an area along now Chalon way.



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Dex, I found this article about Ben Brooks, should bring back memories.

"There was a special feature on Duke Street in the Reporter with a particular focus on sports outfitters Ben Brooks, which the Somers family had bought in 1966. Six year earlier they had taken over Booths in Hardshaw Street – which had been established in 1863 – and they also had businesses in Wigan and Preston. Oliver Somers explained that there had been a swing away from war toys in recent years with building sets like Lego and space toys now highly popular. The shop sold a tremendous amount of fishing equipment, as well as cricket bats, golf balls, electric train sets and air rifles."



St Helens 50 Years Ago This Week news stories from July 1970, including the striking St Helens ambulance crews threatened with the sack, Pilkingtons are warned of a threat by quot subversive elements...


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