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Wigan v Leeds


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Leeds deserved the win last night but i thought the possession Wigan had in the first half they was going to put a big score on them but not to be.Bateman deserved the red card and the Saints player Knowles should have got one today,i think he will be banned for the final,also Salford should have got a penalty try but the ref would not even go to the video ref to have a look at it,even the commentators on the game said it should have been one.

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I thought Saints were well below par today.

Wigan totally dominated the first half yesterday but Leeds defence was superb.

If I had to bet, I'd put my money on Leeds to win the Grand Final next weekend. Be better for the game as a whole than another Saints win

added 41 minutes later

Sorry Jeff, but after 30 odd years involved in both the professioinal and amateur game in Carlisle and Barrow, the health of the game is more important to me than yet another Saints win

added 7 minutes later

A Salford win today would have been even better for the game nationally

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OK,Saints  Superleague champions nine times since its formation just 26 years ago not enough for you? Maybe Leeds was a bad example given their history but the game would surely benefit if more teams than Wigan, Saints and Leeds were successful

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