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Sutton Oak Station


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Where was the entrance to Sutton Oak Station situated ? I have looked at some old maps but the streets on them ( Dixon Street / Binney Street ) demolished long ago so I can't quite visualise the position. Walking down Lancots Lane today I could just make out under the grime on walk next to bridge an area that looks like it was filled in ... could this be the old entrance ?

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Peasley Cross station is also shown on the map as a red dot at Peasley cross.

Sutton Oak Station was where Sutton Oak Engine sheds used to be.


added 19 minutes later

Sorry I am wrong. The entrance was in Lancots Lane not Baxters Lane.

Ordnance Survey map shows the Street names in the 1905 map. You can see both Baxters Lane and Lancots Lane and the station is shown. 


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