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Who remembers Yankee comics from the 1940/50s?


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They mostly originated at the USAF Base at Burtonwood and where highly prized by us kids. Unlike Dandy, Beano, Hotspur etc they were printed on glossy paper. The characters included Captain Marvel, Superman, Batman and numerous Western characters in Stetsons who spent their lives fighting savage Red Injuns. By the mid 1950s, newsagents in St Helens had started to stock them - I remember Wainwrights opposite St Helens Swimming Baths was a case in point. As kids we believed that all Americans were handsome and looked like the characters in the comics or the people in the flicks.

As an aside, I believed that all American kids had buck teeth as two American kids who lived near us occasionally lending us their comics and whose dad was employed at Burtonwood had them.

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green lantern was my favorite ! But my favorite thing about them was the adverts for Daisy BB guns  " powerful enough for small game " they said ( if the small game was a Ladybird perhaps ) 😂 

Always wanted a Daisy Red Ryder 

1953 Red Ryder Daisy BB Carbine Rifle Poster - As Seen In "A Christmas  Story" | eBayCollectible Firearms for Serious Gun Collectors | Rock Island Auction

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I remember swapping comics with other lads in the street. If you had 4 or 5 of your own you would exchange them for ones you hadn’t read, that way your pocket money went further. If you had a new pristine “yankee” you would get 2 or 3 old ones when swapping - I think this was the beginning of learning the art of negotiating.

Additional cowboy comics I recall were Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Roger’s, Gene Autry, John Wayne, Lash LaRue …. to name but a few.

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