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Edith Holden - Fingerpost


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I am currently working on my Grandmothers side of my family tree and looking for a bit of help. Does anybody know of an Edith Holden potentially born around 1924 living in the Fingerpost area of St Helens in 1940? 
Looking to trace distant relatives and any information big or small would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @Katie021195 you may already have this,  is that her redacted at 47 Wood St in 1939  Looks like widowed mother Alice with grown upand teenage children Elsie, John, Kenneth, Samuel and Sarah, with one redacted which could be Edith. the order they are entered in is a bit odd though suggesting Alice was not the householder.


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Hi - welcome to Connect.

I have located a birth for an Edith Holden Q4 1922 reg Prescot - mothers maiden name Farrell

Other Holden with mothers maiden name Farrell are Bridget 1925, John 1927, Margaret M 1929 and Margaret M 1930.

1939 register has the following

27 Waine Street St Helens

Edward Holden dob 18 Nov 1893 General Labourer Widowed

Bridget Holden dob 14 Aug 1925 seeking employment

John Holden dob 4 Jan 1927  at school

Unable to locate Edith anywhere in St Helens - had she married by 1939 ?



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@jvy20 Thank you so much for this! This matches what I have spent the last 24 hours figuring out myself and believe it is the right family as we knew she lived on Waine St at that time. 
I don’t suppose you have the birth index number at all do you? I’m struggling to find it. Thanks! 

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@Tony JThanks very much for this! Do you mind me asking where / how you got this info? I will try to verify with what I now have. I’m now confident and lead to believe her mothers maiden name was Farrell. 

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Hi - I think you are after the birth registration number -  Prescot Vol  08B page 1295.

Edith not mentioned as living in Waine Street with family - do you know her birthday ?  If so will look at 1939 register again and see if I can find her.


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Hi @Katie021195 I got the information from the 1939 Register on both Ancestry and FMP, sorry am slow getting back, not been online today until now, have you got access to Ancestry or FMP?

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Holden's at 27 Waine St, Edward widowed born 1896 with what looks like daughter Bridget born 1927 and son John 1927

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I wonder if this might help.

Bridget Holden, daughter of Edward and Mary, 102 Berrys Lane married Samuel Murray at St Vincent RC Church, Derbyshire Hill on 27 October 1945.

One on the witnesses was Edith Ball, 40 Inman Avenue.

There is a marriage record for Edith Holden and Frank Ball in the December quarter 1941, St Helens district.

The Crem. Records show Edith Ball cremated on 8 December 1994 with the GRO giving her birth as 9 September 1922 which might tie-in with the registration mentioned by jvy20.

Not sure where she was in 1939.

Suspect Edward’s wife was Mary Ellen Farrell with their marriage registered in September quarter 1922, Prescot district.

There is a Mary Ellen Holden buried at St Helens Crem. on 5 October 1933 – aged 33 years – and a Mary Ellen Farrell, daughter of widowed Bridget on the 1911 census.

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Hi @Lankylad

I am so sorry I’m only just seeing / replying to this now. I need to set up notifications.

This is extremely helpful thank you and has validated some of my own work plus also filled in a few blanks.

I have Mary Ellen Farrell and Edward Holden’s marriage certificate so I can confirm she was born in 1920. I also know from her children’s birth records and census that she died young somewhere between 1931 and 1939.

So I’m led to believe the death you have could be right. Can I ask where you found that information and if it’s something I can have a link to? I can’t find a death anywhere on ancestry.


Thanks so much! 

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The death registration is on both Ancestry and FreeBMD

Deaths Dec 1933   (>99%)

Holden Mary E 33          Prescot                8b          819

The burial record is on the St Helens Crem site:


Deceased detail    Surname: Holden 

 Forename: Mary Ellen 

 Death date: 00 / 00 / 0000 

 Burial date: 05 / 10 / 1933 

 Location: St Helens Cemetery 

 Register Number: 77104 

 Age: 33   Years 

 Grave detail:  Grave reference: STHELCEM / 34 / 555

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Got it! Thank you so much.

I don’t suppose you’re able to see anything on her father William Farrell? I’m struggling to find his death. I know he was born about 1859 in Ireland but died in St Helens sometime before 1911. I know that’s not much to go on.

Thanks for your help!

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I haven’t been able to find any record of William’s death.

He is shown in a couple of trees on Ancestry but they simply show ‘before 1911’ which is in keeping with the census records for the family.

Bridget is buried at St Helens where she is the first burial in a grave with the bodies of her granddaughter Bridget – Julia’s daughter – and daughter, Margaret added later.

Julia married Alexander Hackett on 13 November 1910 at Holy Trinity, Parr Mount.  The marriage certificate might show whether William was deceased although that would only narrow your search by a few months.

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