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Books about St Helens


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Ok, first post from scratch and sorry if this has been done before or in the wrong place #newbalert 😂

I was just wondering what you guys are reading or have read and would recommend?

I have just read Sue Gerrard's 'Secret St Helens', History of St Helens with local landmarks, by James Brockbank and I am about 2/3 of the way through Steven Wainwright's 'The Hidden History of St Helens'. I also enjoyed 'A Pictorial History of St Helens' by Mary Presland.

Thanks in advance.

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28 minutes ago, FRANK said:

you'd be hard pushed to beat this:

I remember when I worked at Beechams one of the lads had that Book he was always going on about how good it was but I was just a Kid with other stuff on my mind ! 😏

added 2 minutes later

Thats mad because it says published in 94 but it was in the 60s it was shown to me ? 

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I bought a copy from Amazon in 1995(ish) - probably the first thing I purchased on the net. Amazon had only just started up and my book came from Seattle where they had their first operation. It cost me around £25 back then (including postage). The flyleaf on my copy says first published in 1954 with reprints in 1959 and 1993.

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