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Old Photographs of St.Helens


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Glad people are enjoying them and some memories have come flooding back :thumb:









Eccleston Post Office



The Old Smithy - Eccleston 1930





Boscow Crescent Sutton 1960











Almonds Farm Eccleston 1930.





Merton Bank school round 1952, Mr Campbell was headmaster, two friends in the front sitting row,Evelyn Bruen,Pamela Brannon. I,st row standing, John James 3rd from the left, also Valerie Thomas,Betty Burnett,Christine Swift,Keith Burrell. Top row 2nd from left Brian Hazeldon. 


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I went to Merton Bank School my fave teacher was Barry Halpin the folk singer ! 

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12 hours ago, Bert said:

And let the rag and bone man down with his horse and cart, Alan.

Does anyone remember the Rag and Bone man with the wooden leg ? he was my grandmothers Brother he lived in Wain street !

added 6 minutes later

His name was Johnny Traynor and his wife was Elsie 

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Hi, Mally,

I also went to Merton Bank School, Barry Halpin was in my class and a pal of mine. We used to go to the pottery on Merton Bank Road and get clay for the Art Class. Before returning to school we would call at his Grans and she would give us a piece of homemade cake and a glass of pop. The photograph is after my time, but the teacher is (I think) Miss Hawthorn and on the other side is Mr. Harry Cook the headmaster.


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1 hour ago, halj said:

We used to go to the pottery on Merton Bank Road and get clay

Wow  me too the clay pit was on the opposite side of the road to the cottage had some happy times down there and round the burgies and the molly mines 

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Thanks for the photo Phyll. I'd love to see one which shows the gap in the houses where no.31, ( and next door ) used to stand.

added 22 minutes later

Home for all your photos and videos, automatically organised and easy to share.


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17 hours ago, FRANK said:

I've heard of the 'blunder' - what/where was it?

on the picture top right the flat grassy part when I was a kid was a massive quarry that was previously the spoil tip from a chemical works that I was told was called Paddys blunder I myself would love to know more about what went on there in those days !

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21 hours ago, kizzy said:

Parr towards Newton le Willows

Its fingerpost looking down Park road towards Blackbrook  ! Thats the Giraffe Church on the left with Nannygoat park center right and the sankey brook 

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1 hour ago, halj said:

I think it was filled in in the early Fifties.

it was still there when I started at Parr Cent in about 62 !

added 8 minutes later

You can just about see the Black Horse Pub (now a Chinese Restaurant ) with Roper street where I grew up Behind it although Black Horse street is gone by then ! 

All the empty spaces around park road was later filled up with three stories whick have since been knocked down although the terraced houses before them had been there for a hundred years 

Me mam used to say that "Changes are not always for the better "  She was right !

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The Prop & Pony became Yanks in 1983, some info here on the Sutton Beauty site. Both pubs are listed but they're both long gone now


History of pubs and beerhouses in Sutton, St.Helens Part 2, including Sutton breweries and Sutton off-licences


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