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Old Photographs of St.Helens


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Great photos BJL, the town looked so full of life back then. :thumb:

Not really "The Town, but this is one of my personal favourites, where I studied, made many friends & then started my working life there @ 16 & where I met my first husband, great memories.

"c. 1960-1967 Black and white photograph showing St.Helens Technical College, Brook Street, St.Helens, during construction. MSE - The Frank Sheen Collection."


And this one...after construction. I worked in the General Office for about 5 yrs before I started Nursing @ The Prov...


Oops, can't forget "The Prov", I remember walking through that entrance every day I worked there.

File:Providence Free Hospital, Tolver Street St Helens - geograph.org.uk -  1542013.jpg - Wikimedia Commons



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I am glad that even back in the day people thought that it might be a good idea to actually take images of places just before demolition.

This is Naylor Street??.


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Hamer Street? - 1963.


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Morley Street mostly bricked up in 1983.


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Anyone recognize this street from 1970?


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i remember those pumps. College Street was completely different back when I have vague recollections of it in the early 60s. My dad worked on the dole/tax office building when it was new (in the 50s). Mum always brings up the time when as very small kid when I shat myself outside that building. It must've been a bit traumatic for all concerned because I seem to remember it too.

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we used to walk over it from merton bank going to play down the flashes !  you could get anywhere in st Helens walking along the line !! if we went the other way changing tracks we ended up at the bottom of crank hill 

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10 hours ago, Robbob2010 said:

Memory's ...hopefully one day my pics and other people who have taken our town will be on somewhere as old photos/history.

No doubt, capturing what changes, how and when and what too is really important. 

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Wesfield Street in 1974............No Prizes in guessing how the image was captured!


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