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"Street Football".


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I was born in Whiston Hospital and lived for the first 25 years of my life just off Shaw Lane. I remember when younger nearly every evening rushing my tea down then going to Youatt Avenue where we had a football match between the local lads where the road and parking area is now. As I said this went on for a few years before we moved to start playing, and not causing any damage or harm, onto the new St Lukes school field. Unfortunately at the church there was a parish priest called Father Taffee and he was a most horrible person and used to call the police to chase us off and they would drive onto the field in their blue and white panda cars and chase us off. What a waste of police time especially as we were causing no harm and thb I think "Taffy" gave up in the end. It's a pity that this type of get together of the local youths that kept us out of trouble - we were too tired after playing football that we were too knackered to do anything else - and built up a comrade between us - is not around nowadays. 

Like you Stephen I went to St Lukes c1960-65 and Eddy Arrowsmith for one year before seeing the light and moving to Eddy Camp in St Helens but I seem to know your name but cannot picture the face - were you in the same year as Steve Bannister?

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