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The BICC railway.

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Does anyone remember and have any photographs of the BICC narrow gauge railway that ran around the area to the rear of the foundry which bordered the top of Kingsway down to where Tesco's roundabout is. Also again does any one have any photo's of the standard gauge system around that area along with the coaling plant on Bridge Road and the layout next to the Prescot main line as I am trying to construct a model layout based around the BICC and cannot find any maps or photos of it. Thanks.

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Thanks for them Phyll they were great. To be honest I never managed to get a job there so it was all "over the wall" stuff what I managed to see. I do remember cutting through Station Road to Prescot centre many times and looking through the open windows and watching the copper cables being spun out it was fascinating  as a youngster seeing this. Also when walking along from Bridge Road along the continuation of Kingsway and watching the big diesel engine down below pulling its wagon or two and then the little ones further along towards Sewell Street in the compound and wood area. Although now in the wrong side of 65 I can never forget these scenes.

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One of the jobs I had when I was serving my time was to clean out the boiler tubes of the engine using a long flu brush. When I was going home on the Trolley bus know-one would sit by me because I was covered in soot.

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I used to go to Edmund Campion on Stafford Road and with living in Prescot used the bus to and from school and one day went to the old quarry over the railway bridge at the top of Elm Road to get some marbles out of the fibreglass and although I got a nice bag of marbles I was covered in bits of fibreglass and like you no one would sit near me and when I got home I got a right rollicking on my mother for the state of me.

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