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Critchley Burials

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I've been checking back making sure I've got all the main BMDs and sources for this family and Henderson.

Having trouble with this one 

Burial record of William Critchley born 1793 in Newton, last known address Pilkington Row in1861 with his daughter aged 69.  Alison Bilton's tree gives the date of burial 12 September 1869 in Sutton, possibly a mis-transcribe or perhaps actual date of death because (DAVE) you have a BT record for burial in St Helens 17 September 1869 Wm Critchley  Abode St Helens. age 65... But where was he buried? The burial was done by J J Draper, that's John J Draper who did do a few burials at Rainford All Saints  at that time.

Some Critchley's were buried from there from Prescot and St Helens so that's ok but I can not find the transcribed record in Lan OPC for that same date. 

There is one for that name for All Saints for 10 JUly 1865 age 70 Abode Prescot though which I feel fits better by dates but not  address.....but still where is the grave?

I'm looking for the wife Martha too died before 1841 I suspect this to be her


Burial: 26 Feb 1834 St Mary (now St Helen), St Helens, Lancashire, England
Martha Critchley -
    Age: 40
    Abode: Sutton
    Buried by: T. Pigot
    Register: Burials 1813 - 1836 from the Bishop's Transcripts, Page [255], Entry 2034
    Source: LDS Film 1469036





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Believe it or not I've only just seen this post (an excuse for a bit of procrastination). I agree that the death record for your William that appears in my tree looks a bit off. And I don't remember if I came to that conclusion myself or if I just went with a consensus - where lots of people have the same date. If that date is right then he would have really been 76 when he died and not only 65 (as on the record).  1834 would seem to be right for Martha (Pusill). No idea where they were buried. 

With that I thought that I'd look at your mum's tree, which you shared, and it doesn't have your dad's side with the Critchleys, et al, but I noticed that she has Ann Fillingham of 1819 who married Thomas Cunliffe. She's my so-called '3rd great grand aunt', a younger sister of my 3rd great grandfather William Fillingham. They were children of Anthony Fillingham and Ann Hill. So we'd be related twice and now you've given me an excuse to work down to your mother (as well as your dad).

Yep - your mum is my 4th cousin 1 x removed, which makes us 5th cousin on your mum's side and 5th cousin 1 x removed on your dad's.

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