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Do you remember when things weren't as confusing.

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What's going on in society today, I feel as though I've been living on another planet lately, people keep using words and phrases that I don't understand, or have to look up, because they don't mean what they did.

It's like the other day I was reading this article and they kept using this word that I hadn't a clue about, so I googled it, basically it meant, 'a person with no sexual preference to either male or females' Now, I thought that was a Bisexual, and indeed it is, but now we have some trendy new word for it too. Another one is this term 'snowflake' what's all that about? Time was when a snowflake was either a soft white thing that fell from the sky in winter, or a derogatory term for a white bloke, remember 'love they neighbour' the white bloke used to call his black neighbour 'sambo' and he'd respond by calling him either 'honky' or 'snowflake'.

It's bad enough when I go somewhere and find that the 'somewhere' isn't where, or what it was last time I went, but to find the language is changing, well that's getting a bit much.

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