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The future of the Gamble and Central Library

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Leaving it for so long hasn't helped it,something should have been done before now, after all they can find money to buy Church Square and loan money  out to help other councils.

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I just wish they'd hurry up, people need the library. To get to Eccleston from where I live it would mean a bus into town and then one out to Eccleston because even though I live 10 minutes away by car there isn't a bus service. That means a fiver there and a fiver back. Fecking ridiculous.

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Like someone said in the comments. Buy the Citadel get it converted and put it there, then they can rebuild the Gamble at leisure over years and then return it when done.

Bet they won't though. Because this is all about their plan for the World of failing glass and moving the library to that end of town, it will be shoved in an unused room there for the least outlay

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