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Nanny Redhead's to Old Bold Hall,Bold Heath.

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Has anyone got any information about her or heard of Nanny Redhead?

I looked on Google but nothing came up.

I'm posting some pictures of the house of the infamous lady who used to frighten us with tales going around about her with a rifle at the window. 

As kids we used to walk down Hall Lane looking for conkers as kids did then,off Gorsey Lane(between Clock face and Bold) but as we used to get towards her house with the long Ivy all over it we used to go back.

The only info i got is that in the 70's a family lived next door to us in Reginald Rd,Jean Redhead as i known her as and also worked in Sutton Corn Stores on Junction Lane.

Jean Redhead was apparently i was told a relation,either sister or cousin of Nanny Readhead.

If anyone remembers Jean Redhead she used to teach a parrot named Bimbo to swear and it did in the pet shop.

Anyway Whalley Ashcroft the owner gave it to her...i heard it :o  :thumb:

Any info of Nanny would be appreciated,i will post what i did. 







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