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Terence Price

Christmas Period Buses 2018

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Merseytravel have uploaded their Document for Bus Services over the Xmas Period, Couple of things to note:

Xmas Day:
194/195 Services have been numbered H2 and H3 this year, Seems operating Withdrawn routes once a year was not confusing enough..

The 10X will be numbered the 10A this year

Boxing Day and New Years Day:
Unlike past years the 35 St Helens - Gillars Green is not operating this year
Rainford will have a Bus Service this year in form of the 38A operated by HTL Buses. 

routes in St Helens that are operating is:
10A St Helens - Liverpool (Arriva & Stagecoach)

17 St Helens - Widnes (HTL Buses)

31 St Helens - Parr (Arriva)

32 Clinkham Wood - Sutton Manor (Arriva)

34 St Helens - Newton-Le-Willows (Arriva)

38A St Helens - Rainford (HTL Buses)

89 St Helens - Liverpool Airport (Arriva) 

320 St Helens - Ashton In Makerfield (Arriva)

There could be a couple of other minor changes which i will notice when i get chance to read it in great detail

https://www.merseytravel.gov.uk/travel-updates/Documents/Xmas booklet 2018 for WEB.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0GpJdK7llFplSzjYotj7hU6kwYYXyxuMarmDHIU7EPySrVJZRgtgl_fRE

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