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Tommy silhouettes around the borough

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I don't think i'll be able to get them all and hopefully they won't get trashed or stolen.

These are to honour the fallen from the First World War.

Taken yesterday evening.


Steve Prescott Bridge...


29506274027_85f983379b_c.jpgSilent Tommy Soldier by Robbob 2010, on Flickr


44444216221_190950577a_c.jpgSilent Tommy Soldier by Robbob 2010, on Flickr



As the sun goes down,Horseshoe roundabout,Parr...


29506273937_f84817ac5d_c.jpgSilent Tommy Soldier by Robbob 2010, on Flickr


44444216141_03c480dc0b_c.jpgSilent Tommy Soldier by Robbob 2010, on Flickr


Here's a list:


Billinge and Seneley Green – Garden area on Main Street, and Garswood Train Station

Blackbrook – Vicarage Road roundabout

Bold – St Helens Junction Train Station, and Clock Face Road north of Sweet-Brier Court

Earlestown – Earlestown Train Station

Eccleston – Eccleston Park Train Station, and the grass area at Broadway/Springfield Lane

Haydock – Park adjacent to Clipsley Lane

Moss Bank – Haresfinch Park

Newton-le-Willows – Newton-le-Willows Train Station, and Newton Cemetery

Parr – The Horseshoe pub roundabout, Broad Oak Road/Derbyshire Hill Road✔️

Rainford – Rainford Train Station, and Mossborough Road

Rainhill – Rainhill Train Station, and Warrington Road

Sutton – Lea Green Train Station

Thatto Heath – Public open space on Thatto Heath Road/Elephant Lane

Town Centre – St Helens Central Train Station

The Steve Prescott Bridge✔️

West Park – Thatto Heath Train Station

Windle – Green space on Rainford Road, and St Helens Cemetery






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