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More Prescotian Grammar School mags


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I've got some more mags to scan & upload (courtesy of Mrs. Eileen Humphreys, mother of Keith & John) dating from 1969 to 1976 (except 1974).

It'll take a while, the 1969 mag alone is 100 pages, so be patient. I'm aiming at one per week at least but scanning is time consuming. I'll post the rest in this thread so keep your eyes open for new activity.

Here's the first from 1969 -

<link removed>

The file will be deleted by the host 30 days after the last download. If you have trouble with zippyshare try using a download manager, the links work fine in JDownloader2, for example.

As in my last mag post, it's a .cbr file so you'll either have to get a comic book reader app (plenty of good free ones about) or rename from .cbr to .rar & extract the jpegs as with a normal archive.

Updated link:

Apologies but it turns out zippyshare may contain some NSFW adverts so let's try 1fichier.
As far as I can tell there shouldn't be the same problem now, I didn't see any ads with my ad-blocker turned off but let me know if there are any problems.

New link


The same 30 days since last download rules apply

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1 hour ago, stephen nulty said:

Mmm, followed the link and was confronted by a screen full of scantily clad ladies. That didn't go down too well in the work place

Sorry about that, bloody adverts don't show up on my browser. I'll try a different host.

Tell them at work that a decent ad-blocker also speeds up page loading a lot. Or use JDownloader2 then you don't even have to open the page.

Edit: I can't edit the post myself so I've reported it & asked the admins to change it for me. In the meantime, be aware that zippyshare may contain NSFW ads.

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Stephen.It was Prescot grammar SCHOOL FOTO!NOT ADVERT. You just didn't wait till it had full downloaded Tut tut! 

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Thanks for updating the link Dave.

The free dropbox service only has a total  of 2GB storage & I'd have to disable ad & script blockers to get it to work. It's not worth the trouble & expense to me.

There are plenty of free file hosts out there, it's just a question of finding the right one for any specific forum that doesn't throttle speeds for free downloads.

With the zippyshare, I tried the link in another browser & the ads I got were for a "dating" site with non-nude pictures. It looks like it's the luck of the draw what the ads are.

IMHO the best answer is to install a decent ad-blocker such as Ublock Origin or Adblock Plus & a script blocker like NoScript.

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You can soon increase the size on dropbox with referrals. You install the service on your PC and the files then live in a folder that synchronises on dropbox. If for some reason you don't want to continue storing the files on the PC you just un-sync that folder. I've never had any hassles with scripts or ads on the web service. You should investigate it (even if you don't want to use it for files on forums) because it is very useful.



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I tried dropbox about a year ago & hated it. I'm a Linux user & it took several attempts to install & then caused all sorts of problems before I gave up on it as more trouble than it's worth.

I'll stick with online file hosts thanks.

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