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Sandi Evitt

Heyes Family

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My ancestor John Heyes of Prescot was a county coroner around 1840-50. But he is my brick wall. I know of his wife and children, but cannot pin down his birth, and can go no further back. (I found a John Heyes born in 1792 but cannot be absolutely certain it is him).  The name Heyes is very common in the region, and as I am in Australia I am limited to what I can find on the internet - which is very vague and almost impossible to verify.  I came across a very brief reference to his father - James - who passed away in 1820, but can find no birth, marriage, death or burial details for James. Can anyone help or suggest how I might progress my research? 

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Articles of Clerkship 21 Apr 1810 Ormskirk Lancashire.

John Heyes son of James Heyes of Knowsley bound to Harvey Wright attorney of Ormskirk for 5 years.

1841 Census shows John Heyes 48, Attorney at Law living with wife Ann 42 and children James 19, Elizabeth 16, Ellen 11, Sarah 9 & Margaret 3 at Elm House, Huyton, Prescot.

GRO has birth reg of Margaret Q2 1838 at Prescot, mother's maiden name Wright.


There is a marriage between John Heyes of Prescot and Ann Wright of Ormskirk 18  Oct 1819 at St Peter & St Paul, Ormskirk



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Just found an article in Manchester Mercury dated 26 Oct 1819 which refers to the marriage in Ormskirk  of John Heyes of Prescot, attorney at law, to Ann Wright eldest daughter of Harvey Wright of Ormskirk

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Manchester Courier & Lancashire General Advertiser 18 Aug 1827.  In the county court at Preston Mr John Heyes of Prescot  was unanimously elected as one of the coroners for this county. The vacancy arose as a result of the death of Mr Harvey Wright. Mr Heyes was proposed by Mr Rawstorne of Preston and seconded by Mr Johnson of Prescot

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That is what is so frustrating about going back until only parish records are used, its a bit of a guessing game, some churches recorded all sorts of detail and some hardly any. It pays to absolutely know the area you are researching in, be aware who else is around and to try to account for all the different possible births you have found by tracing them through BMDs and luckily early census or even more luckily,  wills 

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Marriage: 18 Oct 1819 St Peter and St Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire, England
John Heyes - Prescot
Ann Wright - This Parish
    Witness: Mary Wright; Robert Burchall
    Married by Licence by: Joshua Thomas Horton, Vicar
    Register: Marriages 1813 - 1827, Page 109, Entry 327
    Source: LDS Film 1849664

Baptism: 1 Nov 1798 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire, England
Ann Wright - Daur. of Harvey Wright & Mary
    Born: 1 Oct
    Abode: Prescot
    Occupation: Atty. at Law
    Register: Baptisms 1766 - 1809, Page 148, Entry 13
    Source: LDS Film 1657583

You may find the following helpful


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For instance 



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No bap though, so was he born elsewhere or was he bap in a church with no records online perhaps ie Methodist or Catholic or could be one that records online don't go back that far

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What about this one ( I can send the image if you want it)


Bishops Transcript Huyton 1793

John Farnworth Heyes

son of James and Peggy Hayes of Knowsley

Born April 12  1793 and Christened May 13 1793

Registered May 13 by one Roger Winstanley

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I'm going on the census details for the date of birth

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And Peggy is the nickname for Margaret remember

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There's also a death registered in a Huyton church for a John Heyes of Knowsley buried June 29th 1851 aged 58 ?

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Just came across this piece of info whilst researching someone else. It doesn't mention anything about your Heyes family but gives the history of how Prescot got a county coroner and a few of the sad kind of cases they would have dealt with, a bit of fleshing out of the story so to speak.




This is a good site for some back history of the area too if you can be bothered to trawl through the bits they've put online. Just shorten the link to just the org.uk bit and you will find them

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