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2 council pamphlets


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The last scans from me - I didn't bother scanning "A Prospect of Prescot" or "Whiston - A Young Person's Guide" as I'm not sure about copyright issues. I also didn't bother scanning the council reports for 1988/89 & 1991/92, they're basically the same except for the names of the councillors.

If anyone's interested, all the originals will be for sale in the Prescot Oxfam shop from tomorrow morning - don't know the price yet but shouldn't be much.

A couple of pamphlets - from 1986 & 1996 respectively

a245d8831728273.jpg  284036831728303.jpg

1fd50f831728323.jpg  d91259831728333.jpg  e773c2831728343.jpg  5769bb831728363.jpg

I love the bit about Knowsley Bloody Council's (their official name as far as I'm concerned) plans to extend the museum, improve the library & upgrade & extend sports & leisure facilities. HAH!

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