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The Prescotian - 1965


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The 1965 edition of "The Prescotian", the Grammar School magazine


A few points of interest, well before my time (I didn't start there till 1972) there but my brother was there at the time (5th form I think). Some familiar names turn up, Stoddart, Baxter, Eddie Kirk, Willy Gornall, Des Roberts are all mentioned & Roy Taylor had just started there.

Among the commendations for 5th form theses is one for "Prescot Parish Church - Past & Present" by a young scallywag called G. Nulty, Now where have I heard that name before?

Anyway, here's the link. (cbr file, either get a comic book reader app or rename the extension to .rar & extract the images)


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8 hours ago, stephen nulty said:

zippyshare is dreadful 🙂

All kinds of dodgy links ar offered, including some VERY dodgy images !


I've never had any trouble with them. I used them because they're fast. Mind you, I have a couple of ad-blocking & script-blocking add ons running & always use a good download manager (JDownloader2).

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We must have overlapped Geoff - I was there 57 -64. Remember the day Des started - sorry to hear that news - can't be many staff left now from that era . Sparky I think is still going, lives in Old Lane

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I should have mentioned I was there from 72-78 (I did a year of 6th form before being, ahem!, "advised to leave") - Lambda in case anyone's interested. I was supposed to be in Kappa but there must have been a last minute intake which required a re-shuffle.

Form tutors were Mike Gibby (Biology) at first, I think he'd just started there, & Marsden (Geography) - can't remember his first name - with Sparky Watts for the 6th form.

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