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Official Town Guide c. 1962


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I was volunteering in the Oxfam shop this morning when the manager showed me some old(ish) pamphlets about Prescot. I borrowed them to scan & here's the first.
The council's official guide for sometime in the early 60's (I'm guessing the date from data included in the booklet.)

They'll be going on sale in the shop when I've finished with them so, if anyone's interested, I'll post details then.

Here's the link (it's a cbr file, you'll either need to find a comic book reader or rename the extension from .cbr to .rar to extract the images)


(N.B. the file will be deleted 30 days after the most recent download so don't hang around)

Larger versions of some of the pages with images

ab48e1830470613.jpg d935f4830470663.jpg
c64b1e830470723.jpg f88e19830470763.jpg

Street plan


The rest of the booklets are much more recent apart from a copy of "The Prescotian" (the Grammar School Magazine) for 1965 so that's the next project.

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