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A "new" St Helens

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Recently there was an article about how our council plans to erect a giant glass dome over the middle of town and give it a revamp, it also mentioned that it's going to cost one hell of a lot of our money! I was born and bred in St Helens, and a couple of weeks ago I went into town after an absence of about a year, and I have to say what an absolute dump it was!

Shops closed down, litter all over the place, and shop workers who were either sat around doing nothing or as miserable as sin. It was so bad in Poundland that I gave up and walked out, staff doing nothing, and a load of customers struggling to use those stupid self-checkouts, while the staff who could have been running tills stood around watching nobody pinched anything at the self-serve!

I remember a while back, there was an outcry because someone wanted to open an adult store on the East Lancs rd, "it will corrupt the innocent children" cried the horrified public!

On Saturday, I visited Warrington, they are building a new market and have a temporary one until the new one is built. I walked around it, stallholders smiled and said "hello", it was far busier than my hometown, yet everyone was friendly, there was no pushing and shoving, I was served by people who actually smiled!

At one point I met the mayor, he was doing a walkabout and asked what I thought of his town, I had to be honest and tell him how much of a pleasure it was to find clean streets, polite, smiling staff, and streets lined with shops that were actually open.

He advised me to visit Golden Square, there was a Christmas event on, stalls selling various food and drink items, a large covered area where you could sit and relax, again it was spotlessly clean, in the background played cheerful music, loud enough to hear, but not loud enough to be annoying.

I then ambled into the main shopping centre, again all the stores were open, it was like a mini Trafford centre. I was looking for a particular store, so I asked one of the cleaners, she smiled and not only gave me directions but also pointed out one of a number of map boards that they have to help you find your way around.

All in all, it was a very pleasant experience, I only intended on popping in for one item, I actually spent several hours there, oh and they have 2 adult shops, yet the kids are not corrupted, or wandering about causing mayhem or hanging around in large groups.

I'm sorry to say this but for shopping in future I shall be visiting Warrington, they have loads of good shops, staff that are pleasant, and streets that don't resemble some Eastern European rat hole. The members of our beloved council would do well to visit Warrington and ask how they do it, because from what I can see their council tax bills are not massive, so it can't be more money, it has to be a question of how it is spent.

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st helens has never been any good for shoping ex since the knocked the old market down

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Church street needs leveling, along with that monstrosity of a church. Might be nice inside but it looks a right state from the outside. Get a nice big primark there and town would be thriving :lol: joking aside, most town centres are struggling now with people turning to online shopping and easier access to city centres. Saying that, there's always plenty people about when i go into town, it probably just needs a facelift and a better variety of shops.

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