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Asbestos within St Helens Primary Schools

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i am concerned after learning nearly ALL primary schools within the St Helens area contain Asbestos. 

I am fully aware of the dangers surrounding this material and I was alarmed that the council hasn't removed this for protection and safety against the kiddies.

i managed to obtain an official list of schools which contain Asbestos along with the details of type, the current state and inspection dates.

a number of these schools who also had a nursery unit attached, hadn't had an inspection for over 3 years!!!

i am awaiting a list from the NHS detailing children under 10 who have been admitted or treated with breathing difficulties, and more importantly the school they attend.

am I over-reacting or is this gravely concerning?

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Asbestos in the solid form is HARMLESS.

It is only a problem if worked and fibres are released into the atmosphere to enable breathing in of the fibres.


Like a lot of things people have preconceived ideas about dangers that do not exist.

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HORT you must explain as well as your helpful comments above that there are DIFFERENT TYPES OF ASBESTOS .BLUE,BROWN and WHITE..Most people get information  primarily over the accepted dangers of WHITE FIBRES.I leave the rest up to you and obviously  you will try as bestos you can?

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