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Priest Robbed in Tellins.


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My church too, I went to St Vincents school and even before that in the infants and toddlers before that. Mind you I hated being forced to go to church.
My dad had his funeral service there, coffin draped in British and Burmese flags and reefs. I wonder if the 10 commandments are still on the walls on the inside.
No doubt it was for drug money for a pair of smack heads.

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I wonder if the 10 commandments are still on the walls on the inside.


I remember the 12(?) stations of the cross being on the walls Pete. They were made of wood and between each window around the walls.


Does anyone ever remember a war memorial in the church?

I could have sworn the was one on dark oak partition panels when on the way out.

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Its got to be drugs, it certainly isn't so they can pay their rents and fill their pantries.. This is what I hate about addiction to drugs, they will just never give up, never ever, you see em on the Jezzer Kyle show robbing their mums etc, they will do anything. Instead of prison, they should slap em in a uniform and send them out onto the front line in the worst possible conditions against those dusky deep dark mysterious beady eyed abominations, in the hope of a slow beheading with a blunt knife.

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ill get pics Le200


It looks like they either didn't have one or it's been lost. Quite a few casualty's lived in that parish.





Odd, but I must have missed it LE.


I might have been mistaken Pete but the church was built around 1900so I'd expect a memorial in there.




14 Le200 the new fangled version has 15 and ends with the resurrection.


I remember them on the wall Tony but didn't bother to find out what they were about. me head was in lala land when it came to religion smile.png

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Shall we have a competition who comes up with best punishment leading to their demise of course.


1: Crucifixion totally naked so we can point and laugh over the weeks whilst prodding him with a cattle prod on his genitals.

2: Dragged chained and shackled behind a muck spreader whilst it does a large farmers field.


Anyone owt to add?

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My friend did a cracking comment on social media.Here's what he said..




'Two released on bail.What a joke.Did the justice system also give them a selection box each and wish them a Merry Christmas?

Should have been remanded until trial.The system comes down harder on those who fail to pay there TV Licence or Council Tax.

What message is this sending out.'



True in it

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