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Hard Lane - This Old House?


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  • 4 years later...

Hello everyone,

Here is a little more information on the house in the original pictures on Hard Lane.

It's called Windlehurst Lodge. Was built 1860-69 and was the gardeners residence for the Gamble estate. Windlehurst House was the name of the main property that was built for Sir David Gamble an industrialist in the chemical industry, 

Sir David Gamble was the first Mayor of Helens, he was also the commodore for many years of the Royal Mersey yacht club and in fact owned a few very impressive yachts. https://www.maritimeviews.co.uk/byy-biographies/gamble-sir-david-bart-k-c-b-the-late/

The Gable residence (Windlehurst house) was gifted to the St Helens council when Sir David Gamble passed including the surrounding land thats mainly become council housing, Windlehurst house was turned into a school, Windlehust lodge was the headmaster residence for many years.

Windlehurst lodge then became the residence of the Head Gardener for St Helens council (perk of the job), and in the late 70s the house entered private ownership.

I would love to see some original old photos of the house if anyone has any.

The mystery of the "liver bird" is actually the Gable family crest https://www.myfamilysilver.com/pages/crestfinder-crest.aspx?id=148198&name=Gamble

I will contribute more if people are interested. 






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Hello Adam, if you move just a little further down the street and look at the house opposite the Bowling Club, the one with the turret on the side than that was where the Gamble family lived.

This is the original house, the building which you mention being the lodge/gatehouse.

Image result for david gamble  st.helens

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2 hours ago, NSSO said:

the vicarage is on corner hard lane and gamble ave.

That was the vicarage until a new one was built on Rainford Rd probably at least 30 years ago. From old censuses there were vicarages on Rainford Rd before the red brick one you are talking about was built.

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In the 60s there was a young guy lived in that house with his parents.  Name escapes me at the moment - but he played guitar in one of the St.Helens Groups of the day.  He also worked as an Apprentice Electrician.  When we were all having Immersion Heaters fitted - on Hard Lane Estate - he worked on fitting ours :thumbup:.

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