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Looking for any living descendants of Peter Bradbury 1837-1918 and Mary Wilkinson 1834-1911 of St Helens


Their children were:


Ellen Bradbury 1856-1909 married Robert Davison, emigrated to British Columbia about 1887


Joseph Bradbury 1859-1935 m, Margaret BIckerstaffe 1860-1949 Lived St Helens,


Thomas Bradbury 1862-1957 m. Sarah Kearsley, Em. to BC Canada abt. 1887


Kate Bradbury 1864-1944 Em. to BC Canada abt. 1887


Elizabeth Bradbury 1867-1957 m. Thomas Arrowsmith, then Edwin Faram


Peter Bradbury 1869-1951 m. Emma Louisa Butcher


Jane Bradbury 1872-1935 m. Frederick Anders


Harriet Anne Bradbury 1875-1955 m. George Smith, Children George Lester Smith, Edwin Revers Smith, Ernest Smith


I'm in touch with quite a few descendants and we are all keen to build a more complete picture of this family and maybe help to put names to faces on family pics.



Carl Bradbury.

More details of family of Joseph Bradbury 1859-1935 m, Margaret BIckerstaffe 1860-1949



Peter Bradbury 1883-1916 m. Elizabeth Marsh 1882-1945


Joseph Bradbury 1888- 1957 m. Margaret Gore 1890-1981


James Bradbury 1894-1934 m. Maud Brockley 1901-1967


Mary Bradbury 1897-?


Robert Bradbury 1900-1955 m. Winifred Kilshaw 1905-1976


William Bradbury 1903-1954 m. Elsie Topping 1903-1961

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I am looking for those same Bradbury family too...I would love to find their descendants.  I would love to find Harriet and George Smiths family too.

Thanks Shelley



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On ‎15‎/‎10‎/‎2016 at 07:44, hiss said:

harriei anne smith (Bradbury) and husband George smith were living at 2 st lukes rd. eccleston,st helens,


you can locate them in the 1939 registery on this site.


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