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Death Notice Lookup - British Newspaper Archives


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Hello ,


I am in need of some assistance from a member with access to the British Newspaper Archives. Specifically, I am seeking reprints of 2 death notices for WILLIAM ALLEN (died 21 July 1886 in California) published in UK newspapers:


* Morning Post, London, Tuesday, 27 July 1886. Article, page 1.

* Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette, Thursday, 29 July 1886, page 5, Family Notices.


Please respond to me at <email address removed>


Thanks for helping me on this. It is much appreciated!



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Hello everyone,

It's been a long time. I have finished writing my book about an old Prescot family  - actually working on the footnotes and have hit a snag. I saw somewhere that Joseph Allen, 1787-1845, was a "manufacturer." He died in Gateacre, Little Woolton. For the life of me, I cannot retrieve the source.

Will someone please help?

Thank you,

Paul Rollins

Atlanta, Georgia

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I cant find it in the records I have but I came across the following if it's any use. I seem to remember you contacted them about this family


Gateacre Unitarian records locations. Try the following for info on William Allen
Church Founded 1690, Built Gateacre Brow 1700;
 CH; DW (94K18 Odgers); UC (D58); PRO (Lancashire 84, C 1711-1836)
That is
CH=In the possession of the congregation (write to the church secretary enclosing an SAE)
Mrs Jenny Sturzaker
Grange Lane 
L25 5JZ
Tel: 07969 627914
DW=Dr Williams's Library, 14 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0AG
UC=Unitarian College Collection, John Rylands University Library of Manchester,
Deansgate, Manchester M3 3EH
PRO=Public Records Office, Kew
Now that last link doesn't work anymore but this one does: http://www.unitarianhistory.org.uk/hsrecords4.html

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