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crank caverns where do they go

The Captain

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What can be seen today are arched shape tunnels made from old bricks which have been bricked up several metres in with newer bricks . It’s obvious they went further but how far I don’t know . 

I genuinely can’t attach the photos from my phone , there is an attachment option which says ‘ no file selected ‘ when you click. Very annoying . If you can enlighten me how to put them on I will do . 


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Hi Cecil,you will have to join a photo sharing site first and upload your photos to it.

There's plenty but i use Flickr and there's another called Imgur ( i don't know about that one though)

Will take it from there to tell you how to post.


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Sorry,Cesil i meant.

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Give me a PM (private message)when you have done it but if you can join Flickr i can explain.

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We’ve established after 15 years if debate that Crank definitely doesn’t go anywhere. There are undoubtedly in accessible areas but it is not linked to the Stork. The tunnels up there sound interesting, its a very old pub. I would always ask why people would go to the effort to hew out tunnels though. Why would you build one to the church when you can just walk across to it? I'm not trying to be a killjoy here but I think its good to think about these things. It could be that they are old drops from the road that have been bricked up and backfilled. Without going off topic I took a photo recently of the Smethurst Shaft which is behind the Holts Arms and capped off. Noted by a Coal Authority sign as ‘secure site’. Quite interesting. Anyway back to the Caverns! 

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I'm afraid Crank Caverns has become a landfill site, the lower caverns are now piled up with waste, not the dirt and rubble as we've seen before but what looks like shredded black plastic mixed with dirt. The old shaft that was at the bottom of the woods has recently been filled in! Is there nothing that can be done to stop this tipping? It's ruining the area and the whole lot could potentially collapse! Shredded plastic? Is it legal to dump this stuff wherever?

I've a few photos from mid March (2019) I'll try to upload later of the waste that's being dumped there.

Also bumped into a guy walking his dog and we got talking about the place...

I decided a long time ago I wouldn't post anything on here regarding the caverns without definitive proof to back it up given all the myths regarding the place, however I will share it as this is an interesting story! After asking if he knew where the mouse hole used to be, he immediately pointed to a spot, a fern in fact and told me that was where it used to be. During the 80's when he was a teen (I would have been a few years younger) he said he remembers watching trucks backing up to the edge of the caverns dumping dirt over the edge to cover an entrance down which many people had been stuck / lost and had to be rescued from. It was deemed dangerous and someone, I guess council or landowner had decided to dump truckloads of dirt over the edge from the field to cover it once and for all. There had been what he described as an old farmers gate fixed down over it but people kept getting in and getting stuck in there!

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Evening all! Stumbled across this thread a few years back when getting into urban exploration on the hunt for local sites. Great to see that it's still going and by sheer coincidence my name also happens to be James Seddon! having just re-read the thread from start to finish I suspect we will also be of a similar age?(I'm now 31), What are the chances! Anyway, after several failed  visits to the caverns with the missus  on the hunt for the elusive "mousey" entrance i found myself up there with my brother and his family for a roam around the woods with the kids and a picnic as a cheap afternoon  out. Leaving our partners with the kids and fuelled by a new confidence we ventured down the steep incline to the left of the main caverns and was delighted to discover the "gated mousey" as I've seen it referred to on here on numerous occasions.

I had previously thought that the entrance was to the right of the main caverns and had been backfilled years ago. We climbed in and crawled along for a few meters before finding the hole that drops down and long story short discovered the circular route that several others here had previously spoke of.

I'm afraid ive now caught the bug and can't stop thinking about the deeper layers, the alter and the possibility of the underground lake. Does anybody know whether access is still possible? I'm mindfull that anybody who does know would likely look to keep the information to themselves as there is no doubt that the caves are a dangerous place and I can completely understand how dangerous this info would be in the wrong hands. I recall a gent on here posting by the name of cavemaster who seemed to think he still had a way in and was willing to show anybody who had an interest. Does anybody (perhaps the original poster?) Have any up to date contact details for him or know of anybody else who could assist me in scratching this year's long itch? Anybody have any further info on the site that may help me in my endeavours? Anything at all would be greatly appreciated as my searches on YouTube and the urbex forums are only showing me the areas I have already recently discovered myself. 

I'd love to find the "mousey" that has been spoke of in the rock face as by all accounts on here that was the only remaining way into the deeper sections but it seems to have long since been covered over by the local farmer. Would be great after James's post 15 years ago to finally answer his original question. Any info on similar places to explore in the local area would also be most welcomed.

Happy hunting!

James Seddon (the real one 😛 )

On 08/09/2017 at 22:10, HORT said:

I believe the Mousey Hole is facing the caves it's to the left.  

About 20 yards to the left there is a steep slope, the ground is brown gravel at the bottom is the mousehole is visible.



This hole just leads back into the main caverns I'm afraid. 

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This is going to get rather messy if we are both commenting James haha! 

Believe it or not after nearly 16 years since it started I do still pop onto this thread from time to time. As HORT has said many times they are just a series of pillar and stall quarrying excavations and seemingly lead to dead ends despite the wonderful myths, we've never had any photos to prove the hidden world down there - people never seem to be able to upload them for some reason....

They are dangerous and unstable I completely agree with the land owner wishing to stop access to them. They are also home to a large population of bats which is wonderful and should not be disturbed. 

I think we have answered the question of where do they go to now and the answer seems to pretty much be nowhere :)

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Won’t be long before someone digs the entrance back out. You only need enter the main caves to get to the ones in ditch. Behind the gate The circle room has a way out into the main ones 

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I've seen recent photos of the caverns on facebook, it looks like it's collapsing badly now and doesn't look safe. Don't blame the guy getting it filled in. Too many idiots these days spoiling everything.

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