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Now that I think I've figured out the mystery surrounding my Richard Crank ancestor, I would like to find records for his father and mother. His father was the John Birchall who married Alice Crank in 1764. I have found a bunch of John Birchalls born at approximately the right time, but I don't know which one's which. Any help/suggestions/advice would be appreciated!


Full disclosure: I think he was born in Winwick (or at least, he was married in Winwick) and I don't know how close or far that is from St. Helens.


Alice Crank, according to her 1766 death record, was born in 1739, if that helps. She was not my ancestor. A woman named Dorothy Crank (who I think might have been her sister) is my ancestor. John was a busy guy and had two bastardy orders against him by different women (one being Dorothy) a year apart (in 1771 and 1772).


Anyway, these are the potential ones I've found:


http://sharing.ancestry.com/7642914?h=714604&utm_campaign=bandido-webparts&utm_source=post-share-modal&utm_medium=copy-url (John Berchal born 1726 to John Berchal)


http://sharing.ancestry.com/7642921?h=6c5bfa&utm_campaign=bandido-webparts&utm_source=post-share-modal&utm_medium=copy-url (John Birchall born 1729 to Christopher Birchall)


http://sharing.ancestry.com/7642930?h=be77b1&utm_campaign=bandido-webparts&utm_source=post-share-modal&utm_medium=copy-url (John Berchal born 1730 to Thomas Berchal)


http://sharing.ancestry.com/7642935?h=65fe8d&utm_campaign=bandido-webparts&utm_source=post-share-modal&utm_medium=copy-url (John Berchall born 1732 to John Berchall)


http://sharing.ancestry.com/7642947?h=c62fc4&utm_campaign=bandido-webparts&utm_source=post-share-modal&utm_medium=copy-url (John Birchall born 1732 to Nathan Birchall)


http://sharing.ancestry.com/7642955?h=c4a80b&utm_campaign=bandido-webparts&utm_source=post-share-modal&utm_medium=copy-url (John Berchall born 1738 to Samuel Berchall)


http://sharing.ancestry.com/7642963?h=9af101&utm_campaign=bandido-webparts&utm_source=post-share-modal&utm_medium=copy-url (? Birchall born 1740 to John Birchall)


That's a lot, I know. There are so many of them!









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