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I am trying find information on Mary Alic Byrne who gave birth to John Bernard Wilkinson 28-Jan 1928 in Whiston workhouse (poor law Hospital ) He would have been one of the last people born in the workhouse as the law changed 1929 The birth certificate that I have says his father was John Elis Wilkinson a below ground coal cutter The address given was 2 jubitts lane St Helens. I can find no marriage between a Mary Byrne and a John Wilkinson. John Bernard Wilkinson is my wifes father he was brought to Hereford in the earley 1930s by the monks from Belmont abby (who will not give any information that thay ma have) from an Orphanage in Lancashire He sadley died in 1984 aged only 46. Any information or help would be very gratfully recieved with many thanks.


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I did wink.png But I didn't get anywhere sorry


All I found was the birth of John B Wilkinson at Prescot, mothers name Byrne in 1928 that can stand up as yours, I searched many church records for burials, I don't have access to all obviously but the main ones for the area you're talking about anyway,

St Cuthbert's and St Teresa are the other RC churches but not sure if the dates are right for your search.


I noticed Belmont Abbey was RC..I don't have many catholic records except for St Anne in Sutton and St Bartholomew's Rainhill. I also searched on the Lancashire online parish records here http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/Search/indexp.html and the borough cemetery here http://crem.oltps.sthelens.gov.uk/ Nothing!


Nothing much in registration either


There were these births registered in Preston which could somehow be related but I was grasping at straws by that time

John Bernard Wilkinson 1898

John Eli Wilkinson 1891

John E Wilkinson 1910

Hard to search because its after censuses but maybe they just weren't from here except for JBW




I'm adding the following pages for reference which may help as you are entitled to get the information you are seeking now after a change in the law last year.





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Thank you both for the effort your results are very much as I have found. The monks at Belmont are a Benedictine Community R. C. VERY TIGHT LIPPED and yes the date was a typing error he died April 1974 are ether of you on ancestry.com I have a yapp family tree that his detailsb are on. He was never addopted he was brought to Hereford early 1934 and was brought up by the green family He was known as J. B. Byrne when he was 21 he changed his name by deed poll to J. B.Green (or did you know that Ratty as you confirmed his date of death) on the deed poll doc it says J.B. Wilkinson known as Byrne to Green I did not get this doc until ater my mother-in-law died so I had spent years serching for a Byrne not Wilkinson no one knew other than his wife THANK YOU BOTH hope to hear from you again.

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Aha yes I saw the tree on Ancestry. Sorry we couldn't do more for you though. Everyone seems to have one of these brick walls in their family tree and all there is to do is wait patiently for more records to come available or for a lucky break.


Even though he was not adopted I am sure you are entitled to the details of his origins from the orphanage and would keep chipping away at different channels in the establishment if I were you, get help from those links I gave and keep applying to ever higher up in the hierarchy and make a pest of yourself asking, eventually someone will crack. Its as if they have something to hide isn't it?


I have a book here about the Whiston Workhouse which I will look through to see if there is any help there. I will post again if there is anything.

One thing I would say is that by that time it would have mainly been an infirmary where the poor and very old went when sick and to have their babies and not a workhouse in the way it used to be.


Good luck with your search

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He's listed as Ellis Wilkinson in the census years probably because his father was John too.

Sometimes the use of a second name sticks so searching for Ellis Wilkinson may throw something up.

Looks like he was christened Ellis too:


Baptism: 16 Apr 1894 St Aidan, Billinge, Lancashire, England
Ellis Wilkinson - [Child] of John Wilkinson & Esther
Born: 16 Apr 1894
Abode: 26 Longshaw Old Road
Occupation: Collier
Baptised by: Wm. Martin Curate
Register: Baptisms 1870 - 1899, Page 254, Entry 2025
Source: Original register at Wigan Archives

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Some more on the John Ellis Wilkinson 27 Miner


Previous convictions


3 years Reformatory, Wigan Co P S 21 Jan 1909 - stealing a bicycle etc


3 and 3 months concurrent, Wigan Bo P S 30 April 1917 (housebreaking 2 cases) as John Fairhurst


12,12,12,12 concurrent, Liverpool Assizes 1 Feb 1922 (office breaking and stealing 5s and 4d, warehouse breaking, club breaking shop breaking) as Ellis Wilkinson

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