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Bradbury, Smith, Haslam and Stephenson in St. Helens


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I also have the dreaded SMITH name to follow. BUT at least he's the one married into my BRADBURY line.

I am trying to find information on Harriet Ann BRADBURY and George SMITH's kids and descendants.

Their children were George Lester Smith b. abt. 1898 (who may have married Annie Stephenson.)

Edwin Redvers Smith b. 1901- 1979 (who m. Catherine Annie HASLAM and had dau. Barbara abt. 1935) and Ernest Smith b. avt. 1905 (who may have married Ethel STEPHENSON)

I'm pretty sure one of these 3 boys had another dau. other than Barbara as I have a family photos with 2 young girls in it.

I would love help finding Barbara..there are too many choices if she married.?


Thanks so much



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Hi Shelley,


Happy New Year to you.


Found something strange that I don't understand, maybe someone can help.


In the 1939 Register, Edwin R and Catherine A Smith are living at 15 Standring Gardens, with 4 year old Barbara JOLLY (SMITH).


So what is with the JOLLY?




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Jolly will be a subsequent (after 1939) married name.


On the register, if a person got married later, thus surname changing, then the original surname would be crossed out and replaced by the new surname. It means that Barbara Smith married someone with the surname Jolly.

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Cheers Dave,

So not actually on the register at the time but added years later.

Gives me something to search on.

If anyone does know what happened to Barbara, Both Shelley and I would be grateful for help. (Family pictures stuff)

A Barbara Smith married a Michael G Jolly in Sidcup Kent in 1956.

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