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Murder of Peter Leicester


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Edinburgh Evening News 2 Sept 1874


The Alleged Murder at St Helens : The post mortum examination of the body of Peter Leicester, of Parr near St Helens, shows that death resulted from cerebral apoplexy, but there was no direct evidence that it was caused by violence.

The jury returned yesterday returned a verdict to this effect. The 3 colliers charged with the alleged murder are yet inthe custody of the police.


Same paper 3 Sept 1874


At the St Helens police court yesterday the 3 men charged with causing the death of Peter Leicester were again brought up.Two were discharged from custody, Twist being committed for trial on the charge of manslaughter

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Thanks jvy20, I got the info from Grantham Journal, Lincolnshire 5 September 1874 , found a little more info since my post, Peter died 5 minutes after he was admitted to hospital, so its looking like it wasn't murder after all, thought I had found another murderer in the Leyland family.


Any chance of finding what the Grantham Journal details.

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